How TRU athletes plan to stay in shape during the Coronavirus

With all team practices cancelled and gyms closing, athletes will struggle to stay fit

All TRU athletes including the men’s soccer team will have to find ways to stay in shape over the summer. (TRU Athletics)

With all the chaos in the world stemming from the Coronavirus, everyone is affected in different ways. People have lost their jobs, cancelled their vacations, and are quarantined inside their houses. Among those affected are athletes. Because all public gatherings have been cancelled, athletes are unable to participate in games or practices. This means a lot of time-off for athletes as they wait to hear what will happen next with the virus. Among these athletes are TRU’s very own who explain their own way of dealing with the problem.

“I was heartbroken to hear that our practices and all the events are cancelled, but I hope that these social distancing measures will help prevent the spread of the virus and we will be able to come back to normal life very soon,” Anastasia Muzyka, member of the TRU women’s volleyball said. “Here in Kamloops we have a beach volleyball tournament and also our fitness coach gave us a program so that we can stay in shape during summer. I personally hiking, skiing, running, swimming, and biking, so I stay active during the summer with ease.” 

Along with the cancellation of team training, all gyms have been closed across the world making it even more difficult to stay fit. Athletes will have to think outside of the box and be creative with ways to maintain fitness and skill. 

“I’ll be using this time to train personally on myself. I’ll definitely be doing runs in my neighbourhood, go hiking, do more field training with regard to speed and agility, and more bodyweight exercises,” Dylan Hooper of the TRU men’s soccer team pronounced. 

“I was thinking I could do some bodyweight workouts at a playground or something and run for some conditioning. As far as training, there are always outdoor basketball courts that I could use,” TRU basketball player Richard Mageto said. 

Most of the time players train and play in the offseason for a summer club team, but with these uncertain times ahead many expect the summer leagues to fold.  

“It’s obviously unfortunate because when you train with a team you can do a variety of different skill drills along with keeping a naturally competitive nature within the squad,” Adam Swanson, member of the men’s soccer team explained. “With that being said, I actually look forward to training this summer. I can have fun with a few cones, a soccer ball, and a field. I think you get a different kind of satisfaction when you train by yourself and it can be much more beneficial because nobody is limiting when you train, where you train, and how often.“

It sounds like TRU athletes each have plans in order to make sure they maintain their levels of fitness and whether you’re an athlete or not it’s important to make sure you are staying in shape while staying at home. As mentioned above at-home workouts are a great way to beat cabin fever and depression. Remember to workout responsible: our health is our biggest gift, not our athletic abilities.