TRU successfully hosts its 20th Annual Job Fair

Nearly 2,000 students and faculty came together to make the event a success

TRU Students and Faculty joined hands to present one of the most successful and extravagant job fairs of British Columbia on March 5 at Thompson River University. The job fair has been running annually for the last two decades and provides a comfortable space for students to connect with prospective employers.

Students not only get a chance to connect with future employers but are also given the opportunity to gain knowledge about their field and develop an ongoing relationship with their employer through social media if they decide to connect.

The job fair gives the students a chance to get a reality check on their career preparedness and gives them exposure to an active work field. “This year we had 71 employers who brought with them 181 representatives with 1500 students visiting the booths,” said Larry Isles, coordinator of experiential learning at TRU.

This year’s job fair experienced attendees from all walks of student and professional lives. Employers set up trade show booths with the aim of attracting prospective employees and hiring a part of the attendees if not all of them. The event comes off as an interest for not only students that are still engaged in school but also students preparing for their co-op term and TRU students that have already and recently graduated as well.

A lot of students also attended the job fair workshop prior to the job fair to prepare for it. They were provided with tips and tricks to impress employers and potentially land a job of their dreams. The workshop enabled the students to get a professional photo for their LinkedIn accounts and helped them decide their attire for the day.

Regardless of where you stand in your course of study, the job fair gives you a chance to engage and make connections with people who could possibly be your employers one day.

After this year’s job fair is a huge success, TRU’s preparing for Job Fair 2021 already which is scheduled for March 6, 2021.