Hundreds of submissions make Art Exposed a hit

Art Exposed opens at the Kamloops Arts Council with an array of artists work displayed

‘Cast Away’, a photograph by artist Ross Outerbridge, won second place in the established artist category for 2D art. (Elizabeth Nygren/The Omega)

Art Exposed opened at the Kamloops Arts Council in downtown Kamloops on Friday, March 6 with over 200 hundred submissions from 130 artists. These submissions were littered all over the building, ranging from paintings and photographs to 3D sculptures.

People of all ages and of all art experiences were encouraged to submit their artwork, whether it be the first showing of their artwork or the 100th showing.

For those that don’t know, Art Exposed is a regional exhibition where people from all over the Thompson-Nicola Region are welcome to submit their own original artwork in this showcase.

Terri Hadwin, Executive Director at the Kamloops Arts Council, said: “it is a juried art show where the people that are putting their artwork in the exhibit have the opportunity to win prizes, so we hire jurors that are distinguished within their field to look at all of the artwork.” Hadwin added that “the history of it was that it was asked for by our memberships to do something like this so we felt that this is something we could do to support them and get their artwork out there.”

Many of the submissions were from former students of TRU and/or have been artists in the Kamloops community for a long time now. There were also lots of submissions from younger artists as well and there was a contrast between highly experienced professional artists and self-taught inexperienced artists. Regardless, there is something for everyone at Art Exposed.

Art Exposed offers prizes to the winners of three different categories: established artists, emerging artists and youth categories. The established and emerging artist categories offer four prizes each, one for first place in 2D or 3D art and one for second place in 2D or 3D art. The youth category offers one prize to the top piece of art by a youth who is younger than 18.

The first-place winners in the established art category were Katie Marshall for Jack’s Room Come Morning for 2D art and Nathan Scott for The Chase for 3D art. The second-place winners were Ross Outerbridge for Cast Away for 2D art and Bonnie Stevens for Mrs. Macs Old Books & Print Shop for 3D art.

The first-place winners in the emerging art category were Insun Kang for Community for 2D art and Lisa Durant for Tortuga for 3D art. The second-place winners were Joanna Yatzko for La Crete, Paris Latin Quarter for 2D art and Ian Purdy for Motorcycle Sculpture for 3D art.

Lastly, Naveah Hedges won the youth category for her piece, Firsts. Among these winners were many honourable mentions, and the final People’s Choice and Artist’s Choice awards will be awarded at the end of the exhibition.

The Art Exposed Regional Exhibition will be at the Kamloops Arts Council at the Kamloops Old Courthouse until Saturday, March 14, when it closes at 5 p.m. Admission is by donation.