TRU aims to help students succeed in job hunt

Leading up to the 20th Job Fair, TRU hosted workshops to better prepare students for the workforce

Thompson Rivers University has hosted multiple Pre-Job Fair Workshops in preparation for the upcoming 20th Anniversary TRU Job Fair on Thursday, March 5 in the Campus Activity Centre.

Students are encouraged to continue attending the Pre-Job Fair Workshops leading up to the 20th Anniversary Job Fair; the workshops are free and offer one-on-one professional networking tips, interview preparation, and resume support for those anticipating the upcoming event. Students who choose to attend the workshops are asked to ‘dress for success’ and be open to constructive criticism. Individuals should also bring along examples of their cover letters and resume for workshop coaches to review.

TRU’s Job Fair is a one-day event during which students and alumni have the unique opportunity to introduce themselves to and connect with a wide range of community, provincial and national companies, corporations, non-profits, and organizations. Employers who have graciously agreed to attend hope to recruit individuals for both part-time and full-time positions and are excited to meet and network with thousands of enthusiastic TRU students as well as passionate alumni in search of post-graduate opportunities.

Although TRU’s 20th Anniversary Job Fair is an exciting chance for students and alumni to gain employment, without preparation job fairs can easily become overwhelming. TRU’s Pre-Job Fair Workshops offer students the possibility of warding off any pre-job fair jitters while diminishing the possibility of mistakes made on ‘game day’.

TRU’s Career Services Office posted a list of ‘10 Common Mistakes’ often made at job fairs on their website which highlighted common mistakes students often make such as lacking focus, dressing unprofessionally, lacking enthusiasm and lack of communication skills.

Although the above mistakes have been listed by the Career Services Office in the hopes of preparing students and alumni for the 20th Anniversary TRU Job Fair, TRU’s Pre-Job Fair Workshops offer so much more insight into the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of job fairs as well as one-on-one criticism to better prepare those hoping to attend.

There are still two remaining Pre-Job Fair Workshops left before the 20th Anniversary Thompson Rivers University Job Fair on March 5. If planning to attend the job fair, do try and stop by either the March 2 or March 3 workshops to properly prepare for the dozens of employers who will be present at the job fair.