WCT debuts Canadian show for Kamloops audience

‘Serving Elizabeth’ at Western Canada Theatre brings new twists to storytelling about the royal family

Western Canada Theatre’s new show let’s audiences see another side of Queen Elizabeth’s trip to Kenya, that may or may not have happened. (Western Canada Theatre)

Western Canada Theatre’s new show ‘Serving Elizabeth’ shows another side of the royal family, and what audiences may have missed in Netflix’s original series, ‘The Crown’. Thursday, Feb. 20 was the grand opening of this never-before-seen show, and the actors did it justice.

All of the actors were the real stars of the show, each doubling as another character in the production. The actors seamlessly switched accents and costumes as they quickly moved from the story of Faith (played by Allison Edwards-Crewe) and Mercy (played by playwright Marcia Johnson), a mother-daughter duo who ran a restaurant in Kenya, and modern-day Tia (also played by Edwards-Crewe) who was an intern on the popular show, ‘The Crown’.

Edwards-Crewe amazed audiences with her flawlessness in changing between two very distinct characters in record time and playing two very strong female characters. Her dedication to the roles showed as she swiftly changed into someone else right before our eyes.

The sound and lighting choices easily showed audiences the differences between the two stories, as a more modern-day sound would adjust us to the new scene between Tia and Robin (played by Amanda Lisman), as we moved from Faith and Mercy’s restaurant.

Although this is not a true story, it easily feels like it could be in the way that the play portrays it. All the actors easily convinced you that they were real, and were most-definitely the ones who brought you into the chaos of the show. Some say it might be difficult to follow, but with the costuming, sound, lighting, and set decoration, it was quite easy to see the differences.

Although the theme and plot of the show were riveting, some scene changes felt long and drawn out. There were some stagnant moments onstage as the audiences waited for more. The momentum would get picked up again, but some moments did feel like they were lacking.

Regardless, the show was an excellent choice for Western Canada Theatre. The themes it expressed to the audience was strong and ‘Serving Elizabeth’ shows great promise to move onto bigger and better things after WCT. Many audiences can enjoy this take on Queen Elizabeth and her trip to Kenya, and the importance of her being there. I believe many audiences in Kamloops could enjoy this kind of storytelling, while also learning a thing or two about representation along the way.

‘Serving Elizabeth’ will be playing at the Sagebrush Theatre until Feb. 29, with shows starting at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available for purchase at the Kamloops Live! Box Office.