TRU Therapy Dogs celebrate seven years of comfort

St. John's Ambulance has successfully partnered with TRU since 2014

Therapy Dog, Ocean, showed off during puppy parade. (Kamloops Therapy Dogs/Facebook)

Thursdays are always a day of joy but this week it was special as the Therapy Dog Thursday program completed seven years of successful operation at TRU.

It is already so hard to not pet one of the dogs when you pass through the student street let alone when they’re in their Valentine’s gear while giving away Valentine’s day cards. These fluffy, tail-wagging bundles of joy have brought happiness and stress-relief to a lot of students and faculty and continue to be a success for the last seven years.

Chelsea Corsi, coordinator of TRU’s Wellness Centre and among those responsible for getting the program up-and-running at the university noted that the partnership with the therapy dogs has been one of the most successful wellness programs at TRU for the last few years.

The day started with the wellness centre volunteers treating their audience with cupcakes, other sweet treats, and Valentine’s day cards from the puppies. The volunteers were not only giving away cute swag but also informing their guests about the upcoming and on-going wellness centre programs that students could participate in. The most awaited part of this special day was the puppy parade that introduced all the dogs as they took a walk through the student street while being cheered on by the crowd.

The Therapy Dog Thursday program gives an opportunity for TRU and the wellness centre to give back to their students. They try to convey that the students’ mental health matters for the university, and that the university wants to take steps to make it better. Other important contributors that have made this program successful are the volunteers who have contributed thousands of hours every year from September to April for the last seven years.

One thing is for sure, we all have a valentine to celebrate the day of love with at TRU. They’re fluffy, full of woofs and wag their tails at you.