TRU Generator holds crash course in resources

The resource course gathered not only students but TRU alumni as well

TRU Generator hosts weekly workshops to inform those who are looking to launch their start-up, or just curious, about all the resources available for them out there. On Feb. 6, start-up basics were about resources led by John Zubak.

“I’ve been entrepreneur-in-residence for five years, so I’m part of BC Accelerator networks,” said John Zubak. “I think it’s been five or six years since TRU Generator was created. It has been here for a long time.”

TRU Generator exists to help people and supply them with information available for their business ideas, and it’s not only for students but for anyone who has some cool ideas in mind and wants to turn them into reality.

“About five years ago, Hummingbird Drones Inc. came into Generator for the first time. Richard and Robert came over to the Innovation Centre and they got started with One-on-One Mentorship Program. Now, they are running their drones for fire-fighting in four provinces. I know that they’ve had conversations with Australia and the U.S. also. They started just with an idea and they wanted to see if they can use a drone to fight fires. They were just TRU students,” said Zubak.

TRU Generator holds weekly workshops on various topics. “Well, there is always a professional of some sort that is delivered. There is a section on accounting that’s delivered by one of the accountants in town. There is a section on basic business law, so one of the lawyers from the law firm will come in and deliver that information. There is always a subject matter expert, last week was Beth who talked about Social Media,” explained Zubak. “If you’re coming here, you’re going to receive knowledge and be able to ask questions from someone who is well-regarded within your field.”

John Zubak explained that there is no age limit, people of all ages can come and enjoy some informative and useful workshops. He said that they had people of age 70 coming and enjoying themselves.

“I think our youngest was the age of 15, they came to a star-up weekend and they wanted to be a part of the group, they were creating the app, and they actually won a competition,” said John Zubak.

“Anyone can come here for workshops, or if you also have a business idea and you don’t have any workspace you can still come here,” said Kenneth who is volunteering for the TRU Generator.