Kamloops opens its first E-sport club

Rachel Smith, founding member, hopes to bring E-sports to TRU

Starting in March TRU is going to have a brand new club, the TRUSU Esports Association, started by Rachel Smith who has been deeply invested in the esports community for over six years. This is going to be the first esports club in Kamloops.

Her idea to create this club came from the clubs at both UBC and SFU, as well as the program down at Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri. The club will run during this semester until the middle of April before exam week and will start up again in September 2020.

For anyone who does not know, esports is competitive video games. They are similar to traditional sports such as hockey, football, and soccer. They started out as being a small fun thing for people to do, with tiny little tournaments and LAN parties (local wireless games). And they’re quickly becoming more popular, and high schools and colleges in the United States and Korea are getting their own programs and scholarships for them. Some professional esports players are actually earning more money than some traditional sports games, like golf, badminton, cycling, and more.

Smith says that in the club there will for sure be a SMITE team (a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game closely related to League of Legends and Dota 2), which is the game that got her into esports, and another for sure team will be an Overwatch team. Smith’s goal of this club is to bring her passion for competitive video gaming to TRU and to have amateur competitive teams in all game types, so there will be lots of different opportunities for people interested in different games.

The first meeting for the TRUSU Esports Association will be held on March 11th, at 5 p.m. The location is still not decided but as soon as it is picked it will be posted on all the social media that have been made for the club, which will be listed at the bottom of this article.

The Discord server for the club is open to all TRU students, and those interested in esports. The link to join the server is located in the Instagram and Twitter bios, and if you are interested in the club, it is highly recommended to join that server as that is “Where all the good stuff happens” according to the Founder and President, Rachel Smith.

For more information email trusuesports@gmail.com.