TRUSU brings AGM to large crowds

TRUSU informed about their progress, accomplishments of the year and upcoming plans

On Jan. 23, TRUSU invited all involved and just curious students to come to the Annual General Meeting. The event took place in the Mountain Room this year as it was expecting a bigger audience of guests in contrast to the previous years.

The event went according to the agenda presented on the website and at the event itself. President, Vice President and other members of the TRUSU presented the Annual Report and 2018/2019 Audited Financial Statements. 

There were a few changes made during the meeting, such as renaming a position of the ‘Visible Minorities’ to the ‘Racialized Persons Representative’. Another change was to broaden the scope of the defined work.

“I’ll just say that I think, individually for the committees, everyone has been super excited to report on what they’ve been doing for the past nine months or so, it’s been like an aggressive, kind of thing. The amount of advocacy efforts we have planned for this year is outstanding compared to other years. We had a few successful campaigns and we’re super excited about them. One of them that we kind of wrapped up over the summer was our work around the MSM blood band,” shared Kole Lawrence, TRUSU Vice President External.

During the event, the students were able to ask questions and interact with TRUSU members.

Also, Kole shared on their successful multiplication in numbers of TRU Clubs creation. “In terms of Clubs, I believe this past year we had thirty new clubs, and in total, we have 99 TRU Clubs. We’re really excited about the number of clubs we have so far,” told Lawrence.      

“We had a lot of new things coming up like the Industrial Engineering Building going wireless. We had a lot of new projects coming up as well,” shared Sajeesh Soman, who has been the TRUSU Vice President of Services for nine months. “We didn’t expect so many people to come up, it’s 8 o’clock and we had at least a hundred students coming, that was quite surprising.”

Another exciting thing that is coming up, is that the TRUSU driven cafe the ‘Common Grounds’ is going to be introducing some new stuff on their menu for this year, according to


This year the number of people who showed up for the TRUSU Annual General Meeting was impressive. TRUSU clubs have around 40 members internally and there were around a hundred attendees at the meeting.

Annual Report is now available online for all those who are curious about the accomplishment of the previous year.