TRU athletic legend Greg Stewart dominates on the court

On one hand he is the most decorated Kamloops athlete of all time, on the other hand, well...

Greg Stewart was the back to back defensive player of the year from 2009-2011. (TRU Athletics)

Walking through the gym at the tournament capital centre, you may come across an interesting looking man that might warrant a double-take. At 7”2’, 350 pounds, Greg Stewart exercises every day and is an absolute mammoth of a man. During Stewart’s five years with the Wolfpack, the Kamloops local finished his career with 1,024 points and held onto the record for over an impressive nine years. Only a few weeks ago, Joe Davis surpassed his record as the all-time leading scorer at TRU for the men’s basketball program. Stewart also won defensive player of the year across Canada twice. Despite his astounding resume, Stewart holds a character unlike any other athlete in the TRU program: he accomplished his success with only one arm. That is right, Stewart was born without his left arm below the elbow.

Have you ever chirped at a friend during one-on-one saying “Buddy, I could beat you one-handed,”

That was quite literally what Stewart did every single game he played in. Averaging 15.4 points, 13.3 rebounds, and 2.3 blocked shots, Stewart completely dominated on both ends of the floor. Not only did he excel in basketball, but he also found success as a dual athlete, playing for the TRU Men’s Volleyball team as well. Impressively, Stewart won gold for Team Canada’s disabled men’s sitting volleyball team at the World Championship in 2002, 2004 and 2006. When asked if he believed one arm made a difference, Stewart simply replied by saying, “You accept what you have and work with it.”

These days, Stewart likes to throw shot put and guess what? Surprise! He is also exceptional at it. He started in 2017 and has since then broken multiple records. Stewart has won national titles for Paralympic shot putting in 2018 and 2019 and in his most recent competition he threw a personal best of 16.3 meters – which is only 0.5 meters shy of the world record. He will do everything he can to beat that record, working hard in the gym every day in the Tournament Capital Centre, training for the Paralympics in Tokyo this summer. Stewart’s past and ongoing career is an inspiring story of not letting hindrances outside of your control define who you are. Use this as a reminder to take charge of the outcome of your life. Greg Stewart scored over 1000 points for TRU with one arm… What is your excuse?