TRUSU Bangladesh Club to host Shur-O-Taal: A Musical Night

The club aims to bring different cultures together under one roof for a night of music, food and fun

The newly formed and re-established TRUSU Bangladesh club will be hosting their second and last event for the semester.

Shur-O-Taal, which translates to the rhythm of music, will be hosted on Nov, 30 at 6 p.m. in CT200 in the Clock Tower building. Entry to the event is free, however, you will need to sign up for a pass prior to the event.

“The event is all about music and giving the students a much-needed break before exams kick in. It is an initiative by the TRUSU Bangladesh club to facilitate stress-busting for the students. Basically, it is just students gathering to sing, have fun and relax before exams start,” said TRUSU Bangladesh club’s Social Media Ambassador, Syed Hurr Abbas.

The club’s first event was a trip to Bridal Falls Provincial Park and was a hit amongst the students with a larger turnout than they had expected.

Their mission statement is to try and bring events every month for students to keep connected and actually be a family more than being a club. The focus of the club has always been to bring students together and provide them with resources to help further their growth.

This event is just another opportunity for the club to help students, “Music releases stress, there wouldn’t be a better time to host an event like this. With this event we’re not only focusing on Bangladesh but are encouraging other cultures to join and showcase their talent.

Performers in the event are from different countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan and will be singing in six different languages. We will also be singing traditional songs of Bangladesh to showcase our own culture,” added Abbas.

When asked about the turn-out, Abbas estimated that they are looking at approximately 150-200 people.

The event is right in time to relieve stress from the exams and having one day when it is not about the assignments or tests but getting to know other cultures and students from other cultures, so get your free tickets now and do not miss out on the musical night of the year.