Monte Creek Winery opened their doors for holiday hours

Kamloops Wine Trail organized holiday open house tours in three local wineries

On Nov. 23-24 Monte Creek Ranch hosted a two-days degustation where visitors were able to do a tasting of different types of wine.

“Today it’s actually really special, we all get together and all the wineries in Kamloops support themselves. And we all help each other out,” shared Sophie Collins.

Monte Creek not only famous for its delicious kinds of wine, but also for its breathtaking views from the spot where the winery is located. As well as it’s a great community of people who work for the winery.

“I worked as a terrace server in the summer and it was so much fun and the views are amazing, and it was so nice. There wasn’t any smoke and it was sunny every day, and just being out here every day, everyone is always happy, no one is in no rush to go anywhere, super fun to do,” said Collins.

Apart from wine tasting, Monte Creek had an art show on the downstairs floor, where visitors had a chance to see and to purchase some beautiful paintings.

Marc Brzustowski was a key artist in the art show at Monte Creek, where he showed his beautiful works that depicted picturesque landscapes of Kamloops.

“These are all original oil paintings, representing a lot of scenes from the South Thompson Valley. Some of them are done outside, en Plein air, some of the paintings are done in the studio, from references of photographs or sketches and things like that,” described Brzustowski.

Brzustowski said that one painting might take a few days to paint. Most of his work depicts Kamloops’s views of the summer or springtime, when Kamloops is sunny and bright, which reminds people how beautiful Kamloops is.

“I’ve only been here five years, I’ve moved here from Ontario in 2014,” shared Brzustowski, “I’ve taken a few university art classes at the Nova Scotia collage of Art and Design, but essentially I’m self-taught.”

Brzustowski used to work at the Monte Creek winery, and he knows a lot about wines that are made there.

“This winery here, Monte Creek is always have been very supportive of the artwork and an art class that I’ve taught here,” Brzustowski noticed.

Brzustowski shared that his favourite type of wine at the Monte Creek is its unique 100 per cent Reka Blueberry Wine.

Monte Creek winery provided a good deal for visitors who had an option to try their chances and win 12 bottles of wine.

“If you go to all three wineries, you may win 12 bottles of wine, it’s an event before Christmas,” noticed one of the employees at Monte Creek winery.

Monte Creek Ranch winery’s event was truly unique and it managed to combine and create a beautiful mix of wine and art that attracted many Kamloopsians to come and enjoy some wonderful things.