Frozen 2: Should have gone straight to DVD

When you can’t rip off the Lion King and it shows

Frozen 2 is mediocre at best. It’s scattered, choppy, and does a lot for the series and does so little to seem original that it leaves me so uninspired that I’m putting more originality into this review than Disney put into this.

Frozen 2 follows Elsa as she acts like a goth chick while Anna’s entire character trait is that she “Doesn’t want to leave [her] sister!”. Olaf wants to grow up and age and Sven wants to propose.

Also, there’s something going on in the forest. They also kinda ripped off The Last Airbender for that one but that’s a personal opinion.

Before I continue, I believe its only fair to the reader of this review to know my background with this film. I watched a sing-along of the first film with a good amount of children three-seven year olds. And then the Disney Princess Society of Kamloops decided to sit right next to me. I was sitting alone. Ever since this series has not had my back and vice versa.

The animation is fantastic. The amount of dedication that was given to the art style was fantastic where any designs were either culturally significant or aesthetically pleasing. The colour scheme really shines with the setting and does make this visually pleasing. If the look of this movie was the sole thing I was looking at in this movie, it would be a much better review.

The issues come with the story and the singing. The songs from the first one had a few issues but they were annoyingly catchy. There was a reason that people looked past the blatant copy/pasting of The Lion King. It was because of the progression of the Disney formula with a family member giving true loves kiss and Let It Go being overplayed more than Perfect by Ed Sheeran. But here, no one knows where to go with the story, where death means life, elements are either animals or their not and REALLY sensitive subjects are thrown out at the end. Even the guy from Panic at the Disco seems bored singing the end credit song.

This movie can’t keep a single plotline and this is what kills it’s chances. Lady and the Tramp on Disney Plus is a better musical, story and characters than this film, showing that maybe Frozen 2 should switch spots with Lady and the Tramp.