Ford Vs Ferrari Review: Speeding towards an Oscar

How the most predictable is still a great experience

Ford Vs Ferrari holds great performances, a genuine love for cars and a predictable story. Though just because I know how a story will end doesn’t mean it can’t hold a few surprises for an audience, and that can leave a film a hidden gem.

Ford Vs Ferrari revolves around American car designer Carroll Shelby and his fight for his friend Ken Miles to race the vehicle to try and defeat Ferrari in the coveted 24 Hours of Le Mans in order to show that patriotism can defeat any enemy.

The first thing that should be discussed is the quality of the props department with all the cars on display in this film. The amount of money that must have gone to this film just to use these vehicles alone must have been a fortune. However, it does the audience service of not only demonstrating great respect for the creation and usage of these cars but the destruction of them, showcasing a genuine desire for the impact of the story as opposed to the value of the object.

The acting comes to mind, with Christan Bale showing a non-original yet still classy performance of the character of Ken Milles. His portrayal of the historic driver mixed in with a heart-filled (yet glorified) personification of the car creator Carol Shelby. These two play off each other and hold the attention of the audience enough to gain empathy towards the story itself.

The only issues I had with the film were the display of the wife and the antagonist (and no, it’s surprisingly not Ferrari). The wife came off more of a character piece that Bales character must speak to in order for the plot to continue rather than an actual character and the antagonist holding no realism towards acting as an actual person. The portrayal came off more cartoony than anything and is more distracting than anything.

Those issues don’t ruin the experience, however, with the show constantly having me gripping my seat. It even had me visually celebrate before the final climax, to the dismay of the people seating next to me. All and all, this film left an impression of cars that Jaws did for sharks across America… by that, I mean I loved it.