AWT presents a show filled with unpredictable twists

Retreat keeps the audience engaged and laughing at the satirical twists

The new show by TRU Actor’s Workshop Theatre, ‘Retreat’ by Kat Sandler opened on Nov. 21 and was home to a very engaged audience.

Four interns are dropped off at a dilapidated kids’ camp in the wilderness for a retreat to decides who gets the final position at the prestigious firm, Fischer, Cox, Sutton and Tate, with a very enthusiastic scout guide.

Before the play starts the audience is presented with a prologue by the four interns where they describe why they’re best suitable for the job, while simultaneously answering questions for the same interview. The audience doesn’t hear the questions but the answers from the interns that are very intelligently overlapped and made to sound like a corporate noise, like a clash of similar thoughts.

Paul, played by Jakob Kopytko is a smart and shy gentleman who wins the audience’s hearts with his charming humour. On the other hand, Jordan, played by Lukas Vanderlip is a well-built man who tends to use fear of his physical power to get things done.

The show also features Kira, played by Avie Cachelin, Nicole played by Emily Brown and Candace played by Marianne Stad. Kira is a careful young woman who always wants to be at the top of her game while Nicole is competitive and wants to be the best.

Candace is the scout guide who lost her kids’ camp and now has planned and is responsible for organizing the retreat for FCST (Fischer, Cox, Sutton and Tate). The show revolves around the current corporate culture surrounding generation Y and their obsession with career and success.

Jakob Kopytko, an advanced theatre student at TRU: “This show is the journey of four interns through the trials and tribulations that their company puts them through to prove their devotion.” All the actors did justice to their roles and displayed the viciousness of the modern job market and the obsession the current generation has with it.

The next scheduled shows will be performed from November 28-30 at the TRU Actors Workshop Theatre box office in Old Main. tickets are available for $15 at the box office that is open from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. or at The show starts at 7:30 p.m.