Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker performs in Kamloops

Attendees greeted talented performers with wild applause

The Sagebrush Theatre gathered together ballet lovers, families, and kids for the fabulous performance given by Moscow’s Ballet on Nov. 10, 2019.

The Moscow Ballet gave its holiday tour that became a pre-Christmas tradition across Canada and the United States.

The performance given in Kamloops was especially unique and successful, it had surprised the audience not only with extremely professional techniques of ballet, role play, the structure of the plot, but also with vibrant colours of costumes, and unique attributes – the Toys of European Styles.

The Nutcracker is a classic piece of the ballet, the original premiere of which was staged in 1892 in Saint-Petersburg the week before Christmas. It’s a classic Christmas story, that is so loved by kids of different ages in many countries around the globe.

The Nutcracker performance is the libretto piece of ballet in two acts adapted from the story of Hoffmann called, “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”. The music for the Nutcracker was composed by Tchaikovsky.

Today’s modern performance differs from the original story adopted from Hoffmann’s by its setting, characters, and plot. The version of the Moscow Ballet is known, as “The Great Russian Nutcracker”. In the given version, some folk characters take part in Act II of the ballet as Ded Moroz (Father Christmas) & Snegurochka (Snow Maiden), who accompany main characters – Masha and Nutcracker to their dream world.

The performance was given in such a coherent order, in bright colours and rhythmic tone that the plot was understandable even for those who’re not quite familiar with this fairy tale.   

The 12-foot-tall Unicorn, Elephant, Bear and Bull puppets created the Christmas mood and made the show funnier, and brighter for kids, who couldn’t get their eyes off of hypnotizing dancing toys.

The cast of the performance delighted with its high-level professionality, grace and synchronic play. There were 36 award-winning international performers, combined to bring to life this classic piece of art and to surprise the audience with the high-level of ballet.

Masha usually played by Karyna Shaltkovskaya the Ukrainian ballerina was played by Tatiana Nazarchevici one of the less professional ballerinas from Moldova. The Nutcracker Prince usually played by Rustem Imangaliyev, the ballet dancer from Kazakhstan was performed by Nikolai Nazachevici.

The next stop in their Christmas tour for the Nutcracker will be Nanaimo.

Overall, the tour will pay a visit to more than 140 cities in Canada and the U.S.

The tour worked together with Kamloops-based “The Academy of Dance”. There was a great effort made by local dancers from the Academy, who played snowflakes and some other roles. Such wonderful performance not only gives an emotional boost of positivity but also can inspire the young to join ballet themselves.    

The show was so appreciated by the audience that they gave loud applause and whistling.

The Nutcracker performance left the audience with positive emotions, satisfied the curiosity, and even exceeded expectations.

The ballet is always a great and exquisite form of art that educates people on a high spiritual level and develops wise and beautiful values in people’s mindsets.