People across B.C. take part in the GoByBike fall event

How the GoByBike Society has continued to raise awareness in communities

GoByBike BC held the GoByBike Weeks from October 21st to November 3rd, where people across the province biked to work and school instead of by motor vehicle.

Those taking part in the event were asked to keep track of kilometres for all trips they chose to go by bike, and log them onto the GoByBike website, where they would be eligible to win prizes for participating. People had the option to participate individually or with a team.

The Bike to Work Week (BTWW) event originated in Victoria in 1995, when a group of commuter cyclists began to spread the word about the benefits of biking to work. Their first event brought out approximately 500 participants. Over the years, the event began to include the Bike to School component, and many communities hold both events annually.

The Bike to School event invites kids to make short videos about how they get involved in the GoByBike weeks, giving out $100 VISA gift cards to the best videos at elementary, middle and secondary school levels.

TRU’s sustainability office encouraged students to take part, offering prizes for those who do so. In total, there were four teams on campus, and 38 teams citywide.

This fall’s GoByBike event was quieter than the spring event when there are normally 20-30 teams on campus.

“This fall has been colder than others, so we haven’t seen as many riders this year as we normally would,” Aaron Wiebe of TRU Sustainability explained.

Every year, the event brings awareness to people to be conscious of your ecological footprint, and how you can do your part in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

People from all over British Columbia share their stories on how GoByBike events have played a part in their lives, whether they did it through their workplace, a club at school, or as a family, and how it gets people excited about what they can achieve in the community.

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