Former Rolling Stones manager set to guest-lecture pop culture course

Andrew Loog Oldham will collaborate with faculty from the Arts and Tourism to teach on the evolution of pop culture

In January 2020, music producer and talent manager Andrew Loog Oldham will team up with TRU’s Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism to offer a “once in a lifetime” course on the evolution of pop culture.

The news was announced in a meeting held with the press in the boardroom of the Arts & Entertainment building on Oct. 30.

Acting as a visiting scholar-in-residence, Oldham will give 10, two-hour interactive talk sessions over a period of 13-weeks.

The course, which will be co-taught by philosophy professor Bruce Baugh and tourism management lecturer Billy Collins, will evaluate shifts in popular culture between 1954 and 1984.

“We have created this unique collaboration that’s resulted in the creation of a one of a kind course,” Richard McCutcheon, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts said.

“It’s really with a one of a kind guest lecturer and we’re really excited about this,” he added.

McCutcheon said he believed Oldham’s extensive experience makes him the ideal person to teach this course.

“Andrew’s Rock and Roll pedigree dates back to the start of the Rolling Stones. He was only 19 when he became the band’s first manager and he shot them to fame.”

“He’s witnessed pop culture as it was unfolding and he was in the middle of it. In some cases, he influenced that time period in ways that we’re excited to learn about firsthand,” he explained.

McCutcheon insisted that Oldham has a lot of knowledge to offer TRU students, and said the university is thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with the rock and roll legend.

“We’re really excited about this because it’s going to offer the students of Thompson Rivers University an absolutely unique and special window into, not only a person who has lived through it but a time period that matters a lot to all of us.”

Speaking to the press, Oldham said he is also looking forward to teaching the course.

“There are no accidents, you just turn the corner and the right person is around the corner and certainly we’re here,” he said.

“If it works, which it will, I will be the student because that’s the simple truth from experience. And as it works it will make my life simpler and as it works for the students, I think it will make their life simpler because what we’re talking about is applicable to life and that is one of the main goals,” he furthered.

Oldham said he hopes he is able to explain his life in a way where everyone can take something from the course regardless of the profession they are pursuing.

Adding to his sentiments, tourism lecturer Collins said the university is also hoping to “reach out” to the local community.

“If somebody out there in the community is a Rock and Roll fanatic, they can sign up for the course and not actually have to do all of the assignments,” he said.

Still, explaining what the course will entail for students he added: “Every class has certain learning outcomes attached to it and certain themes. So it won’t always be a linear story in the history of Rock and Roll.”

Rock Dreams: A History, 1954-1984 -Up Close and Personal with Andrew Oldham will be offered on Thursdays nights from 6 to 9 pm.

The course has been strategically cross-listed as a third-year course in Tourism and a second-year course in the Arts to ensure that all students are eligible to apply.

Those interested can sign up online by registering for TMGT 3980 or PHILO 2900.