TRU students band together to create new startup

CarGo introduces their opportunities for safe, stress-free shopping of used goods online

TRU students are hopeful that their new start up CarGo will be successful Kamloops. (Sackin Akula/CarGo)

On Sept. 21, a team of TRU students worked collaboratively and officially released their startup, CarGo.

Sachin Akula, the CEO of the startup shared their story in the interview with the Omega.

“One day I was seating on the couch at my home, and thinking, that I want to buy a Google home. So, I opened Facebook Marketplace and started to look for it there, and I texted a random seller guy,” described Akula. But Akula and the seller couldn’t find a convenient time to accomplish a sale, as a seller had to leave town the next day, and Sachin didn’t have a car to pick up the item right away, “So, I thought why can’t I buy something for my comfort, why can’t I have this item delivered to my door. It will be so awesome.”

Once this idea had stuck in his mind, Akula had talked to random people to get to know what they think about such opportunities as the delivery of used goods to their homes. Most of the women he asked reacted extremely positively.

They believed that such an option will provide safe transactions during shopping, and will eliminate the possibility to deal with strangers.

Akula also noticed that in the past he has been involved in another startup, which called Ready at Door. It was about the delivery of food from restaurants to the doors of customers.

But it was too competitive, because of Skip the Dishes and other already existing delivery companies. Ready at Door has shut down after a year.

Since the CarGo startup is unique and there are no similar businesses that provide such services, CarGo promises to have success.

“During our planning, we have learned a lot, and that’s the best part of it,” Akula said.

Akula said that during the summer while planning the implementation of the CarGo he has done some networking. He went to Toronto, for the Collision Conference, where he met a lot of influential people and introduced his idea, one of them was Janet Bannister, the Kijiji founder.

CarGo team is still working on networking and talking to investors, who might be interested in their idea.

Recently, Sachin had a chance to discuss their startup with Adam Miron, who was in Kamloops on Oct. 9.

Right now, CarGo’s team is working on building their audience of users, and promotes their startup for a public.

The team of CarGo consists of seven members, from different educational fields. Alex Vera, responsible for Sales and Marketing; Darshan Patel-operations; Dipak Parmar – Digital Solutions; Ildus Khalitov – Frontend lead; Gagan Bajwa- Backend lead; Corbin Marcotte – Marketing & Content; and Akula –CEO.

Akula advised other startups founders, to be ready to deal with the problem and to stay entirely focused on their idea. As well as to do some market research before the implementation stage.

CarGo startup is an inspirational example to other students to take a challenge and create something of their own, something that can become their future success.