Maleficent: Misstress of Evil film review

The most uninteresting Misstress in the one most non-needed Disney sequel

You ever watch a film that, when you tell others what you saw, people ask: “Oh, that’s a thing? When did that come out?”. Honestly, I’d make that scenario a rating of the quality of a film. Cause this movie sucked so bad I’m forgetting the plot as I write this review.

Maleficent 2 is about Maleficent’s adopted daughter wanting to marry Prince Philip and unite the kingdoms of fairies and humans. They then clash when Phillip’s mother is hostile towards Maleficent and tries anything so that the unification of the two beings never happens.

You can tell when Disney wants a film to fail. I found that its when they don’t promote for it except for the occasional trailer, don’t gain any meaningful coverage from mainstream outlets and the film is released during another anticipated film; the Joker for instance.

Maleficent 2 matches all of these steps and telling from the actor’s performances, they knew it too. And if you think that Disney would never intentionally want their film to fail, just look at Treasure Planet.

When a film has heavy hitters such as Angelina Jolie, Michelle Phifer, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, it shouldn’t have trouble having its characters convey emotion. Yet, with the exception of Michelle Phifer (who has more screen time than the woman in the title of the movie), none of them seem like they want to be there or interested in giving their lines. Angelina Jolie seems as if she cares whenever she speaks to her on-screen daughter Aurora, played by Elle Fanning, but then a moment later, she remembers the god-awful script that she has to read from and becomes a stick with horns.

I could go on about how this didn’t work, from an inconsistent tone to characters of no value having far too much screen time to some very disturbing parallels to the Holocaust (don’t ask),  but I will leave it with this closing statement. If you make a sequel to a movie, give it as much if not more passion for the 2nd film. If you can’t do that, don’t make a sequel.