Celebrate the Halloween spirit with a haunted corn maze

Field of Screams at Sunset Valley Farm is the perfect evening event to get spooky with friends

For anyone that loves Halloween, and everything that comes with the month of Spooktober, Field of Screams is the perfect event for a night out.

On Thursday night I attended Field of Screams along with four friends of mine. Some were experienced with horror whereas others, like myself, we’re unsure if this event was right for them. Regardless, the excitement that lay ahead was enough to persuade each of us to get tickets to both mazes at Sunset Valley Farm.

I was expecting to be so scared that I would cry, but it actually had the perfect amount of terror. We enjoyed it so much that we already have plans to go again next year.

The mazes themselves were excellently done. The corn was cut well enough that it was easy to find your way through the maze, and there weren’t that many paths that led you in the wrong direction. This was nice because when you’re in there, you just want to find your way out. The best part about the maze taking place in a cornfield was the atmosphere it created. The old corn husks would rustle and you weren’t sure if it was someone coming after you, or just the wind. There were also tents and small sets built in the centre, so you knew you were off course if you strayed too far from them.

The actors themselves were also fantastic. You would enter certain sets in the maze, and see someone, unsure if they were a mannequin or an actor. Once you’d look at them for long enough, they would jump up and run after you in the maze. We would all run out of breath from screaming and running, trying to get away from the masked monster.

What really set my mind at ease was knowing that they wouldn’t touch you. Although they were frightening and chasing us, they never actually touched us. For those that are not horror lovers, it was great because they never held you in a corner for too long and you could easily run past them, screaming.

For our group, the first maze was excellent. Thursday evening had nice weather and the lines weren’t incredibly long. We ran and screamed so much that we took off our jackets to cool off before the second maze. They, unfortunately, do not sell water at the event, and we would have gladly bought some after running around that much. A group of five was an excellent size.

For the second maze, we had two more people join us, which almost felt a little too big. We also entered right after a large group of 15 went into the second maze, and it, unfortunately, took us out of the experience. Listening to another group, especially one as large as theirs, took away from the immersive aspect of it. They distracted us near the end of the maze and were trampling over the corn, making their own paths which also confused us as we were trying to find our way out. We probably would have enjoyed the second maze as much as the first if we had waited a little longer to go in.

It was definitely worth it to do both of the mazes. By buying the two-pass, you saved $5, and even the price point itself is good for the experience you get out of it. I would recommend attending on a night that’s less busy, like Wednesday or Thursday, to get a fully immersive experience. I would also recommend going with less than 7 people. A big group might be fun for you, but maybe not for everyone else. For Field of Screams’ first go at it in Kamloops, it was very well done and I hope to attend next year.

Field of Screams is open Wednesday through Saturday until Oct. 30, with the mazes opening at 7p.m. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.