A film that should exist…eight years earlier

Zombieland Double Tap Review

Zombieland Double Tap is a good film which does have some great comedic moments but has too many moments that aren’t comedic to start with. The film attempts to give the same theme the first one already nailed and doesn’t do the series as a whole any favors.

Zombieland 2 joins the four members of the original with Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita attempting to find Little Rock, who has run off with a hippie. The four meet a variety of new characters along the way as they try to find their core member while facing a new, evolved zombie in the process.

The main zombies and the main actors are back and don’t try to phone it in. The original four actors/actresses all became renowned performers after the first Zombieland with all of them going on to either win an Oscar or be nominated so it does help the film that they give their all to the performances. With maybe the exception of one.

Abigail Breslin as Little Rock doesn’t seem like she wants to be there at all. Every time she comes on the screen (which isn’t that often yet is enough that it’s noticeable) it seems like she’s bored, distracted or just awkward. It doesn’t sink the entire film but every time she interacted with any other actor, I honestly cringed a bit.

And the plot is far more unfocused than the first film, with the plot trying to put the characters in any situation that justifies using the on-screen text of the rules used in the original. The plot just jumps from one place to another, with no apparent connection to each other, leaving the pace of the picture feeling stitched together as opposed to feeling like a story.

The biggest inconsistency/issue with the show  is the comedy. There were a few moments where I genuinely laughed audibly, but more often than not, I just sat through the joke, having a strong feeling that I would have laughed 8 years ago. Zombieland will always be a pioneer of the modern zombie craze that took over North America 10 years ago, but now that the market became saturated, the jokes come off more dated that funny.

Zombieland Double Tap exists in this weird area where I am glad that it exists and I didn’t hate watching it. But I also know that I will never go searching for it once it comes out on DVD or watch it were it to come on TV just due to its dated material.