TRU announces the launch of the Limitless Fundraising campaign

The university embarks on its largest campaign ever to help improve the institution

Thompson Rivers University recently announced its biggest fundraising campaign to date: The Limitless Campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $50 million in an effort to make TRU a better place to learn, strengthen the surrounding communities through collaboration and help empower students as they strive to be the best that they can be in their respective careers.

$41 million of the university’s $50 million objectives was raised during the quiet phase of the Limitless Campaign.

Still, the initiative’s organizers hope to achieve their target by December 2020, the year TRU will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

TRU President Brett Fairbairn announced the launch of the public phase of the campaign on Oct. 10 in the Brown Family House of Learning, to a room filled with students, faculty and donors.

“The power of education to change lives is limitless,” he said.

“Education empowers our students on their way to greater futures, opens new worlds through research and builds better communities.”

“Many of our supporters – new and old – have been with us through the past few years helping us to get to where we are today. Now we look to others in our communities to consider helping us surpass our $50-million goal.”

The Limitless Campaign will focus on four key pillars that will help the institution improve its campuses and enhance the educational experience for its student body.

Funds from the campaign will be directed towards scholarships and bursaries for students, funding for more research initiatives and constructing additional buildings and spaces.

More information about the campaign can be found online by visiting the website: