Kamloops horror team takes on beloved cult classics

Drunk in a Graveyard set to keep it spooky with Halloween classics at the Landmark cinema

Local Kamloops podcast squad and members of the Kamloops Film Society, Drunk in a Graveyard, are bringing horror back to the Paramount theatre with two much anticipated Halloween horror screenings. Screenings include Army of Darkness and the sold-out Rocky Horror Picture Show screening.

Robin Goodfellow has been working with Drunk in a Graveyard since the beginning in 2012 when the group started a horror-centred blog. Drunk in a Graveyard later grew to include a podcast show in 2016 where they continued to cover new and old horror films as well as heavy metal music.

“We talk about obviously some of the new horror films that are coming out because you know it’s current news and its good to hit when things are hot,” Goodfellow said.  “But we also talk about retro horror films that were kind of lost and forgotten. We actually get sent quite a lot of films to check out and we often check out a lot of old releases that are being released by boutique releasing companies.”

Drunk in a Graveyard grew their own passion and drive to share their voices in the horror industry.

“We never saw our voices necessarily represented,” Goodfellow said.

Goodfellow spoke of their comedic, silly bend on horror films and how they speak about horror films in honest ways. Drunk in a Graveyards’ comedic side isn’t all part of in their voices but also their name stemming from a Simpsons episode.

Drunk in a Graveyard is creeping up on their one year anniversary of their first screening with the Kamloops Film Society. Since then they have taken up running the DarkFest at the Kamloops Film Festival every March.

“They asked us to come on board with KFS to help market horror to a younger audience,” Goodfellow said. “They asked us to come on board because that was something that means so much to us.”

To take on the horror sector of the Kamloops Film Society, Drunk in a Graveyard is preparing for two huge Halloween themed viewings; Rocky Horror Picture Show on Oct. 26 and Army of Darkness the previous evening of Oct. 25.

Goodfellow stated that picking each film for this spooky season was a no-brainer. To Goodfellow’s knowledge, a viewing event of Rocky Horror Picture Show hasn’t been attempted to the calibre they have planned.

After countless requests Drunk in a Graveyard will be bringing the cult classic to the big screen with all the fixings; costume contests, props and talk-back ques, everything needed for the events fans know and love.

This much-anticipated film screening bewildered Drunk in a Graveyard with a sold-out event two weeks in advance.

“We were watching the tickets count down. A sell-out for something like this in Kamloops two weeks ahead of an event is pretty much unheard of,” Goodfellow expressed what she referred to as “last-minute city”.

Tickets are still available for the Army of Darkness film screening, a beloved zombie classic; a film Goodfellow described as “silly” and “user-friendly”.

“Our goal overall is to keep bringing in movies that we would be interested to see or that we think would be of interest to other people to check out,” Goodfellow said. “We’d like to keep bringing in movies like [Midsommar], that are highly anticipated, really artsy, beautiful horror films.”

Drunk in a Graveyard will be continuing to screen much-loved horror flicked as well as bringing back classic and independent retro films for Kamloops’ viewing delight.

Tickets for Army of Darkness are still available to keep the spooky season alive. Check out Drunk in a Graveyard on Facebook for more information.