Field of Screams is sure to give Kamloops a fright

The Haunted Corn Maze has opened at Sunset Valley Farm and is not for the faint of heart

October is well-known to be the spookiest month of the year. Field of Screams is a new attraction in Kamloops, but the company, Ominiss Productions, has been creating horror-filled mazes for many years in Vernon.

Matt Brown, Co-Business Owner and Creative Director of Field of Screams, has been creating haunted corn mazes for 7 years with his business partner, Glen Taylor, the Operations Manager. Essentially, Brown is the creator of the theme, designs the park, characters, and trains the actors, whereas Taylor is in charge of the logistics, such as payroll and parking.

Taylor had the original idea of creating a haunted corn maze, and Brown joined him and brought along his ideas.

“We pretty much make all of our decisions together. I come to him with my wild, ambitious ideas, he usually giggles, looks at me sideways and says ‘okay?’ Then we get through it,” Brown said.

When asked about what people might expect if they attend, Brown said, “For this year, we’re offering two mazes, so when they drive up, they’ll see some of the sets poking up above the corn, that always gets everyone excited, carnival tents, mixed with the nervous, anxious, excited energy. Getting out and being in the fresh air, maybe in an area of Kamloops that they haven’t visited in a while or maybe ever goes out your head when you start walking through. You feel like people are trying to terrorize you.”

This event is meant to be scary and they don’t go easy on anyone.

“We don’t hold anything back. We’ve always said that,” Brown said. “Our posters simply say not suitable for young children. People still bring out their young kids, we don’t turn them away. So we don’t do anything that would physically harm a younger person or anything like that. There’s no touching from the actors.”

Brown recognizes that some children might love horror as he did as a child, so if they are up to it, they are welcome to attend.

Each year, Field of Screams has a different theme, this year’s being Carnival Freakshow in Kamloops and Once Upon a Nightmare in Vernon. Field of Screams is also doing online sales, which is different from last year, as well as VIP tickets where buyers can ‘skip the line’. There is a limited quantity of these, so get them while they last! Tickets are available at or

The maze, which is held at Sunset Valley Farm, is open from October 9 until October 30 and people can arrive at 6 p.m. and the maze opens at 7 p.m. There is no official closing time, but it is recommended that people arrive early, as lines have been two hours long in the past. If you are interested in getting involved, you can contact them at Field of Screams is very open and wants to be inclusive.

Brown hopes that this event will become annual in Kamloops and that Kamloopsians will feel they have something unique that they can be proud of. Brown also says, “it’s fun to get festive. And this is just a different way of being able to celebrate fall and Halloween on more than just one night.”