Tourism Kamloops offers a taste of the city’s greatness

Luv'n the Loops tour offers attendees the chance to become "tourism ambassadors"

Attendees tour historic Tranquille farm. (Justin Moore/The Omega)

Tourism Kamloops shuttled around a select group of Kamloopsians on a secret trip last Friday for their monthly Luv’n the Loops trip. Attendees boarded a charter with excitement in their mystery trip around the city of Kamloops.

Tourism Kamloops’ main goal is to create “tourism ambassadors” and make it easy for everyone in the city to be able to name at least three interesting things to do to visitors by “empower[ing] residents to become local ambassadors through boldly unscripted excursions.”

These tours are 100 per cent free to the public on an RSVP basis, giving community members and businesses the opportunity to promote their city.

Attendees of Friday’s tour followed behind Tara Holmes, Kamloops Matchmaker, as she joyfully bantered as the bus drove to mystery local number one.

As the bus drove farther and farther from the Kamloops Visitor Centre, home base, it became clear that the first location of the afternoon was none other than the supremely historic Tranquille farm.

Attendees were in awe as the bus crossed the gate that only a select few and tour groups can access. Driving through the roadways that have seen better days, Rocky Mountaineer bus driver Norm meandered as Tim McLeod, owner of Tranquille Farm Fresh, listed off the endless stories to call this farm home.

Not only did those on the Luv’n the Loops bus get a distant look inside the historic farm but McLeod carried the rest of the tour on foot through the smaller buildings amidst the broken windows and creaking metal railings.

The cold didn’t seem to bother any of the tour members as Norm guided the bus to mystery location number two; Privato Winery and Woodward Cider Co.

The afternoon switched from historic to classy as attendees were treated to a tasting of both Privato and Woodward’s finest libations and a charcuterie platter courtesy of Tourism Kamloops.

Finally, the Luv’n the Loops bus stopped at location number three, Kamloops City Councillor Dieter Dudy’s farm, Thistle Farm, to tour around his vast property and see the last taste of his bounty.

Luv’n the Loops will have their next adventure Oct. 5th with additional tours happening monthly. For more information on how to get involved visit