PHP Conference’s first fundraiser is sure to excite

A beer conference fundraiser for the PHP Conference is taking place at Red Collar

On October 7, the Philosophy, History, and Politics (PHP) Conference Committee will be hosting a Beer Conference fundraiser for the upcoming event in January. This event is happening on Monday at 7 p.m. and will be held at Red Collar Brewery. There will be speakers discussing the philosophy around beer, the history of beer, and the politics of beer.

When asked about the upcoming event, Kristen Jacobsen, Chair of the PHP Conference, said “basically we have three professors come in and talk about the philosophy, history and politics in relation to beer. This year we’ve got Jeff McLaughlin,  doing the philosophical perspective, we’ve got Lisa Cooke from Anthropology doing the historical/cultural perspective, and then we’ve got Joel Wood doing kind of a political perspective on it.”

Jacobsen also added that it’s “an extremely casual event. Although it is professors giving talks, it’s not a formal lecture. The talks are typically quite comical.”

Tickets for the beer conference are $20 each and you get two pieces of pizza and two glasses of beer, with gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options available. All proceeds will go to the upcoming PHP Conference at TRU, which will be held from January 16-18, 2020.

For those that don’t know, the PHP Conference is an annual conference at TRU for undergraduate arts and social science students to present their own research. This is an excellent opportunity for students to take part in.

Deanna Brady, the Promotional Organizer for the PHP Conference, says “it’s an opportunity for undergraduates to conduct their own original research, in a professional but not intimidating environment. It is held over a span of 2-3 days, [and] we have lots of different events happening while we have the conference going on. It’s all undergraduate students. It’s run by undergraduate students, all undergraduate students are the presenters, and students from all provinces in North America come.”

Although the PHP Conference isn’t until January, the committee is still accepting abstracts to choose from to admit people to the conference. The committee gets abstracts from all over Canada, and students from many provinces come to participate in this conference. PHP is a great opportunity to expand your skillset and personal research as well. And even if you aren’t presenting research, you are encouraged to come and support your classmates.

Brady says that they “encourage students to get involved. I know definitely in your first and second year it can be intimidating to get involved, [but] it’s a great way to meet people within your discipline and other students as well.”

This year, the committee has expanded and there are more students on it, rather than just philosophy, history, and politics students.

Jacobsen says that “in the past, the committee has been made up of arts students, so philosophy, history and politics students mainly, and this year we’ve incorporated others; there are several tourism students on the committee. We’re just branching out to other disciplines and other schools, just kind of welcoming everybody.”

If you’re interested in joining the committee, they will be taking in new members after the PHP Conference ends in January. They also have another fundraiser coming up in November to help raise funds for the conference. There will be a trivia night at Earl’s, and this will hopefully bring in even more funds for the conference.

For more information on the beer conference on October 7, the trivia night and the PHP Conference itself, you can look on their website,  or on their Facebook page, TRU Philosophy, History, and Politics Conference. Tickets to Monday’s event can be found on, and the committee is accepting abstracts for the conference until November 27.