New options for Sustainability comes to the TRU

Workshop ends in new projects to come to life for a better campus

On September 26, 2019, in the Grand Hall, Dr. K. Joel Berry, P.E.: Leading Chief Scientist and Founder of GEI Global Energy Corp. USA, and its parent company to GEI –Canada, gave a presentation on Fuel Cells. The presentation gathered together different people, professors, students, and lots of representatives from the Department of Engineering program.

  Dr. Berry is internationally known due to his incredible contribution to the sphere of technical engineering, as well as his leading positions in innovative research of fuel cells. His sphere of expertise includes fuel cell system designs & engineering; fuel cell systems controls, network communications, & data acquisition; Mechanical Engineering design & simulation of inter-disciplinary systems.

In his presentation, Dr. Berry raised a question of energy consumption and its impact on the environment & global climate change. He exemplified the case with some global protests of kids against climate change around the world.

Dr. Berry gave explanations about Renewable and Non-renewable energy and talked about the Greenhouse effects. About how the  Industrial Revolution had started the active release of CO2 into the atmosphere, and how this has shifted the cycles of seasons and forced the Global climate change. 

  He noticed that today’s society is more caring and farsighted about their future than their predecessors. “We have to help our future generation to live in a clean environment with correct utilization of clean energy that will have zero impact on the environment, namely ‘Fuel Cells’,”- said Dr. Berry.

  Most people think that the highest level of CO2 distribution by industry is transportation, but not so. It appears that buildings distribute higher amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and more heavily impact the environment due to constant massive energy consumption.

“The daily race to feed, clothe, heat and cool 7.5 billion generates a huge amount of CO2,” stated Dr. Berry.

Dr. Geoffrey Ballard was the first to come up with fuel cells innovations, and he developed high-energy lithium batteries.

“A Fuel Cell is an electrochemical device that operates like a battery. A fuel cell systems can use fuel – natural gas, hydrogen, and oxygen,” explained Dr. Berry.

   “The best thing is that the Byproducts of such system is heat and water, that’s how it has ‘0’ impact on the environment,” – Dr. Berry.

The given new technology can be especially valuable for developing countries, which haven’t done many investments in electricity. “Energy and clean water determine winners and losers for the global economy,” explained Dr. Berry.

Elon Musk’s technology still has some level of impact on the environment due to its release of some proportions of CO2 into the atmosphere that comes from electricity.

“Major point for resources about Canada is that it has large potential resources of natural gas,” informed Dr. Berry.

After the presentation, the dean of the Trades and Technology department gave a short speech.

He announced that on September 27, they will be holding another meeting but with a smaller group. At that upcoming meeting, some details will be discussed about the installation of fuel cell technology at TRU’s campus.

TRU was happy to have Dr. Berry as a guest speaker, who provided the campus with new information & options for sustainability and support for a clean environment on campus.