Fifth-annual Brewloops takes over the North Shore

Its more than beer, breweries and food, it's all about community

Brewloops continues to expand, bringing bigger locations and more B.C. brews to the North Shore. (Justin Moore/The Omega)

This Fall, on September 27th, and 28th Brewloops Festival came to the North Shore and surprises Kamloopsians with an uncountable variety of beers.

   On September 27th Brewloops’ show program began at 6:30 p.m., where it has surprised guests with more than 30 breweries from BC’s region.

Some notable breweries & cideries were: Yellow Dog, Persephone, Lighthouse, Philips, Drift Wood, Noble Pig, Merridale, and Upside cider.

   Brewloops was hosted in McArthur park this year, where apart from the beer there were food trucks, a Ferris Wheel, bumper cars, and lots of musical hits. Brewloops is a volunteer-run, non-profit society. In the last few years, Brewlooops has raised and donated more than 100,000.

Decorations were also bright and magically set on the festival’s atmosphere, trees were covered in twinkle lights of different colours.

Some of the breweries had commented on their brewing businesses. “We were established in 2014, and our best-seller is ‘Pale-Ale’,” answered a representative from Yellow Dog Brewing.

One of the food trucks also shared their experiences with the Brewloops event and the story of starting a food truck business.

“I grew up in the Okanagan, and then I moved to San Diego for a diploma of trades, and then I started to eat a fish taco down there. And then I came back to the Okanagan and couldn’t buy any good fish tacos up here,” said Ian, the owner of the ‘Tacos’ food truck.

As for their environmentally-friendly strategy, they keep all of their foods and drinks to be 100 % recyclable.

“We try to leave a very small footprint.” Ian said, “Both of my food-trucks are certified commercial kitchens, so we do all our food in the truck.”

It appears that apart from the Brewloops festival, Ian and his family spend most of their seasonal time on the UBC campus. 

    Local restaurants and breweries also told about their experiences with the Brewloops Fest. ‘Noble Pig’ has been open since 2010 and was operating as a local restaurant and as one of the first Breweries in Kamloops. Nick told us the Noble Pig’s brewery best seller was the Irish Beer and that the darker the beer the better it sells 

“Well, we never compete, none of us are competing. Beer programs are never like that, it’s all about community,”  smiles Nick, “Only those who have a larger market share compete, but even then lots of people are in the beer-making business for reasons.”

   “We’re all just about community, working together. We just collaborated with the other breweries in town. So that’s where we get together and we get to make a beer together,”  finished Nick.

   Brewloops Fest showed itself to not be a competing event to make the best-selling for a company, but like a community-based fest that welcomed all of the customers.