Check out the newest club on campus

What the Arts Ambassadors Program is planning to bring to students

The Arts Ambassadors Program (AAP) is a new organization to campus that’s working to host a variety of events this upcoming school year. It was created by TRU student Benjamin Matthews, who worked with the deans of arts, Richard McCutcheon to make it happen.

It can be easy for Arts students to feel divided by their majors, therefore the AAP’s goal is to get students in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies to become more acquainted with one another. In the long term, the AAP would like to get a space for Arts students to hang out, socialize, and even receive help with their courses.

“The Arts Ambassadors Program is trying to be a nexus where all the clubs can see other arts programs and intermingle,” Michael Zaitlin, a member of the group, explained.

Their goal for the year is to host five events – October, November, January, February and March, so as to not interfere with exam season. So far, they’re working towards a Harry Potter-themed event and possibly a Bob Ross painting night. 

The first event is scheduled to be held at the end of October, before Halloween.

Because the AAP is only now officially an active group, they’re going to focus primarily on events this year in order to get people introduced to their members, their goals and to get those interested in the AAP acquainted with one another.

The group will have their social media up and running within the next few weeks in order to connect with students about upcoming events and meetings.