Clubs Day offered a variety of ways for students to get involved on campus

Clubs Day 2019 gives new and old students a taste of all the extracurricular opportunities

Students took over the basketball courts for a crash course in extracurricular opportunities on campus and in the community. (Aidan Grether/The Omega)

The first full week of school kicked off to a great start last Wednesday with the launch of Clubs Day 2019.

Students, staff and members of the local community flooded the basketball court in front of Old Main on Sept.11, where they learnt about a number of clubs that offered them a myriad of opportunities.

As far as extracurricular activities go, everything from veganism to volunteerism was represented at the event.

Those in attendance were given the chance to join networking groups and afforded the opportunity to give back to the community or help save the environment.

Both new and returning students flocked from booth to booth picking up pamphlets, trinkets and treats as they signed up for the organizations of their choice, with the hopes of making this school year their best one yet.

Some groups like the TRU Engage for Change Club are just getting started.

The club is ran by a group of students who look at creating opportunities for individuals to gain volunteering, fundraising and advocating experience.

TRU Engage for Change Club revolves around raising awareness of global and local crises. It aims to inspire the younger generation to respond to such issues by volunteering their time and efforts to help facilitate change.

“The idea of our club is really broad and the reason why is because we want students to propose their ideas,” Inderpreet Khunkhun, the club’s president told The Omega.

“We want them to have the freedom to pick what they would like to do.”

Another club, the Kappa Sigma Omicron-Theta Chapter, is one of the two Greek societies available on campus that acts as a social club for males.

The fraternity is involved in fundraising efforts and focuses on “building brotherhood” between its members.

“We’re all about building skills for our four pillars which are: leadership, scholarship, fellowship and service,” said Sean Walker, chair for the fraternity’s TRU chapter.

He added the club is ideal for men interested in developing leadership skills, or those who are just looking for “a family away from home.”

For all the tech-freaks and nerds at heart, the TRUSU Game Club gives game lovers the chance to meet up with other gamers to play board games, card games and video games twice a week.

Colton Stephens, co-president of the club told The Omega the club was initially inspired by his love for gaming.

“Me and my friend both like board games… (but) we noticed the school didn’t have a games club or anything like that,” he said.

“And we were talking to a bunch of people and it seemed like a lot of people were interested, so we decided to run it because no one else was doing it,” he explained.

For aspiring singers, the TRU Chamber Chorus gives students a free opportunity to be a part of a professional chamber chorus.

“We are a choir on campus that is totally free to join,” said Will Primrose, co-founder of TRU Chamber Chorus.

“If you’re looking at wanting to sing at a high calibre and getting engaged in high calibre music that’s what we offer but you don’t need any experience in order to join in.”

The TRU Toastmasters Club is another organization that offers students a chance to develop their leadership, public speaking and people skills.

According to Hayden Griffiths, the club’s Vice President of Membership, TRU Toastmasters teaches its members how to “influence and change people’s perspectives, change minds (and) change lives.”

“We help people learn to structure and deliver their own thoughts so that others can understand and gain a new perspective,” he explained. “We help people overcome their fear and become more confident.”

With a number of clubs available on campus, TRU offers something for everyone. Whether you are passionate about bringing about change, or just interested in meeting new people, there is something in the mix for you.

To find out more information on various clubs, students can visit the club directory on the TRUSU website. Registration forms are also available for those interested in starting their own organizations.