Students kick off the new school year the best way

Students flooded Campus Commons for free swag as far as the eye can see

Students gathered under the sunshine in lines stretching across campus for free food during the annual back to school BBQ. (Aidan Grether/The Omega)

Last Friday, TRU’s campus was packed with students ending the first week of classes at the Back to School BBQ.

The warm weather and live music made for an enjoyable day as people strolled from booth to booth, playing a variety of games, winning prizes and entering giveaways.

Prizes such as water bottles, gift cards and plenty of candy were given out. Lines stretched around the Campus Commons for hotdogs, hamburgers and beverages served by TRU faculty and staff.

The booths included many of TRUSU’s clubs and organizations such as TRU Pride, who were raising awareness on Banning Conversion Therapy in BC, and the TRU Study Abroad Program, talking to students about their experiences with the program and how to be apart of it. Many local businesses and groups were in attendance, such as Oxygen Yoga & Fitness, who were giving out a week of free fitness classes.

The Kamloops Green Party made an appearance, speaking to students about their campaign and important topics such as the climate crisis and creating sustainable jobs.

On the main stage, local musicians performed for the crowds, hyping the students up for completing their first week of the semester. Hosted and organized by TRU Students’ Union, the BBQ is always a great way to welcome everyone back to school for the year.