Get Happy Events is all about the fun

Kamloops locals combine fun and fitness and create events surrounding happiness

Two things that are difficult to balance in university are fun and fitness. Get Corked 2019 has a solution for that. This sold-out event combines wine drinking with a 5km or 10km run/walk. The event website,, says ‘this event is all about the fun.’

Get Corked 2019 isn’t about making it to the finish line as fast as you can, but about the fun and wine at every stop. Get Corked 2019 is their signature event.

Jo Berry is one of the founders of Get Happy Events. Berry says that the events are really about making running and walking fun.

“Costumes are crazy and encouraged and people go all out [for these events],” Berry said.

Berry also says that their events encourage a fun and non-competitive atmosphere “where everybody’s pace is equal.”

They have all sorts of special cakes and prizes, but Berry does this to make people happy. “We just love to show people that running can be a really fun thing to have in your life.”

Although this event is sold out, you can still sign up for an email reminder about next year if you’re sure you’ll attend in the future. Berry says that registration for Get Corked 2020 will start Dec. 31, 2019, so register when you can.

Get Happy Events will also be putting on ‘Get Spooked’ on October 25th of this year, which you will not want to miss. They have also held ‘Get Canadian’ in the past on July 1st to invoke spirit on Canada day.

Berry says “It’s just been a really incredible journey around connecting the dots between mental health and movement. Boogie [the Bridge] was inspired through that 20 years ago after losing my mom to depression.” Berry says it really started to make her think about connecting emotions through fitness. Get Happy Events started 5 years ago.

The main goal at Get Happy Events is to make people happy! Their website says that their events are loaded with “music, dancing, community, tons of smiles, yummy food, fun prizes and of course, joyous movement.” Anyone is welcome at their events, and they welcome everyone to have fun and make memories.

“All bodies are beautiful. We encourage all shapes and sizes to come out. [People] feel intimidated because [they] have this mental picture in their head that runners are 6 feet tall, skinny – all bodies are supposed to be different and unique, and everybody runs unique. You’ll feel super supported,” Berry said.

Jo Berry is also the founder of RUNCLUB Kamloops and Boogie the Bridge. Berry and Thiessen work together as partners and best friends to put on these events.

If you are interested in what’s to come, check out their website, Registration for Get Spooked 2019 is available now.