TRU’s Wellness Centre expansion in the works

Student safe haven set to expand to double the original size for September

Corsi is excited for the best location for the centre yet. (Cailyn Mocci/The Omega)

The pint-size Wellness Centre will soon be getting a new look due to the ongoing Old Main renovations current students have come familiar with. Wellness Coordinator, Chelsea Corsi, claims the current location has been “bursting at the seams”.

In a Student Services review in 2015, it was expressed that the Wellness Centre was in need of more space. Renovations have been within the plans for the Wellness Centre, to maintain a space that is conducive to student wellness.

Corsi joked that the current location could fit seven and a half students.

Last year alone, the Wellness Centre saw a significant increase in traffic with 5,854 students passing through from Sept. to March. This was a 600% traffic increase compared to their first year in the current location four years ago.

Corsi expressed that since their first year at their location just off Student Street, the Wellness Centre has grown into a great source of peer support for students. The Wellness Centre will see seven returning Peer Ambassadors, tasked with providing support to students and keeping the centre running.

The Wellness Centre has become a safe haven for students.

“People find that our space is approachable, open; they feel comfortable,” Corsi said.

“We have a lot of people on campus who identify as feeling lonely because they’re new and not from Kamloops and don’t have social connections,” Corsi said, “We also want to acknowledge that social connection is a huge part of student’s wellbeing”.

The renovation plans to expand the Wellness Centre to nearly double the original size with a socializing space, quiet room and an extra office for private conversations with Peer Ambassadors when needed. Renovations will retrofit the Wellness Centre and Medical Clinic space just off Student Street.

“There can be a little tension between the students that want to come and have a quiet space, but we have students that want to come and socialize and get to know people and that’s part of their wellbeing,” Corsi said.

The Wellness Centre will also be outfitted to be more accessible for students who have physical supports such as wheelchairs.

The expansion of the Wellness Centre is the next step to grow their reach on campus. On top of peer support, Corsi and her team held an estimated 36 campus activities including Consent Tea and Cannabis Cafe.

The renovations are planned to be finished just in time for the first week of Sept. with an official open house to celebrate the expansion in October. For more information on the official opening date keep an eye open on the Wellness Centre’s social media pages.