Annabelle brings it home in newest film

Another installment into The Conjuring Universe that acutally does something entirely unique

Annabelle Comes Home is the latest instalment into the Conjuring series of films that tries to scare its viewers with a creepy doll, but in a way that actually is quite original and interesting.

The tale revolves around the daughter of the paranormal demonology experts, the Warrens. While her parents are away, Judy Warren, her babysitter Mary Allen and young girl Daniela accidentally let loose the demonic presence inside Annabelle and must survive her terror in order to contain her once again.

The thing that I’ve discovered while watching these films is that they start to tear at you bit by bit. To the point where when one of the films is semi-decent, it shines far more brightly then it should just due to it being next to garbage. However, people just tuning into this series with this film must be warned that they aren’t deeply horrific films with profound themes and instead must be taken as competently-made monster movies that they are. Of course there are the unnecessarily loud beats for unearned jumps in this film, however, there are also parts that let the audience digest its unnerving setting, which is a breath of fresh air.

Annabelle Comes Home, however, does do something that spices the generic formula that the series is known for. Instead of some deep backstory that holds a majority of the run time, the film intelligently knows that one scary demon gets old. So the film takes multiple different demons and continuously shifts between them, leaving different renditions of paranormal monsters that is quite entertaining.

And unlike most of the films, the characters are naturally likeable. They aren’t expertly acted or given much depth, however, they have personalities that transcends a dated stereotype to traits that seem timeless. They act rationally and as teenagers who don’t mean any harm, which is quite refreshing considering horror films constant need to have a few of its characters unlikable so that the viewers want a graphic death scene. It isn’t anything that revolutionary but, as stated earlier, compared to what is stands next to, it is nice to see.

Annabelle Comes Home seems to be a picture that knew what it was, and instead of trying too hard or too little, experimented where it could and played it safe where it should have. And a show that does that well enough does deserve a watch, even if its a mindless watch.