John Wick 3: Parabellum Review

It all started cause they killed his dog

There are many characters that characterize action. Terminator, Rocky, Mad Max to name a few. And standing alongside them as the newest member of legendary action heroes is John Wick in his latest installment.

John Wick 3 revolves around mercenary John Wick as he tries to escape any and all assassins in the world and leave their organization with his life. First and foremost, anyone hoping to enter an artistic character piece designed to hold an intense philosophical meaning will not appreciate this movie at all. No spoilers, but there’s one scene where ninjas try to kill  Wick with katanas while riding motorcycles. So it’s implied that it’s not going for the deepest of meanings.

A major plus to this film that puts it on par with the original is the world building that the film does. It comes off as an in-depth, crime-ridden world with a deep underbelly of killing yet controlled so no regular joe becomes caught in the crossfire. Also, the dogs wear bullet-proof vests so that’s also cool.

The main draw of this series, however, is Keanu Reeves as Wick. The 54-year old action star continuously brings a layered performance to the roll, both having merit in doing his own stunts (and be aware, some of this stunts are Tom Cruise level rough) and holding such a calm demeanour as a man who is tired of killing yet can, somehow, not be killed.

The story itself is alright, however, shifts abruptly three quarters of the way in, which is a bit jarring. It plays out well enough though there doesn’t seem to be a lot of motivation for it, as well as it sticks the landing with an out-of-nowhere ending that sets up the next installment. However, feels a little cheap compared to the details within the rest of the film before it.

There is already confirmed that there will be a John Wick 4, and it’s unclear whether or not the series will simmer into bad action territory. For now, John Wick 3 gives a solid ending of a trio of films dedicated to a man whose revenge for his dog has led to the deaths of hundreds of people and has been entertaining every step of the way.