New cidery joins growing craft beverage market

Woodward Cider Co opens their doors just in time for the summer heat

(Left to right) Adam, Tim and Ben Woodward introducing the first cidery in Kamloops on opening day (Justin Moore/The Omega)

Looking for a new beverage to enjoy on the inevitably hot Kamloops summer afternoons? Look no further than Woodward Cider Co.; family owned and Kamloops local.

Made from 100 per cent BC apples and crafted right here in Kamloops, the Woodward brothers, Adam, Ben and Tim Woodward have launched the first craft cidery in Kamloops.

“The craft cider market is taking off. It’s small relative to other alcoholic beverages but it’s the fastest-growing category at 36 per cent. It just seems like the perfect storm. I’m really happy that the Woodwards are in front of that,” Trish Morelli, Executive Director of the Kamloops Wineries Association, said.

Created by local brothers Adam, Ben and Tim Woodward, Woodward Cider Co. is the business embodiment of the brother’s adventurous nature. All three brothers grew up on their parent’s farm, also known as Privato Vineyard and Winery, left to pursue careers in engineering before returning to their roots and creating the perfect summer sipping experience.

All three brothers had an itch for entrepreneurialism after some time working in the engineering field.  

“I wanted to do something a little more gratifying. Something for myself,” Adam Woodward said.

After some brainstorming and many glasses of cider, the Woodward brothers settled on crafting the perfect cider on the family farm. With the rise of the craft beer industry mixed with the propensity for gluten-free options, cider was high in demand.

Testing and production for Woodward Cider Co. start late Summer 2018 and after nearly a year and many sacrifices later, these brothers are ready to bring these crisp and refreshing flavours to the public.

Adam Woodward joked about having to sell his beloved snowmobile to buy a carbonation tank to make your ciders bubbly. “You’re welcome.” Woodward teased during the media soft launch on Wed. May 15.

The Woodward Brothers praised the supportive community of fellow cider crafters of Left Field Cidery and BX Cidery, as well as the all-encompassing support from their parents John and Debbie Woodward; owners of Privato for over 30 years.

Those involved with Woodward Cider Co. are proud to be adding to the growing number of successful local businesses.

“This is about our local agriculture. It’s about our local farmers. It is about our local agritourism opportunities that are really growing in Kamloops. It’s about a proudly made Kamloops artisan product,” Morelli said.  

Raspberry infused Cider “Send It” is sure to cool down even the hottest of days (Justin Moore/The Omega)

Woodward Cider Co. launched three products for the summer; Blue Tractor (Modern Dry), Send It (Raspberry Infused) and 5 Liner (Not so Dry). All products named to commemorate their adventurous spirits and lives growing up on the family farm.

“We’re always out mountain biking, snowmobiling or whatever crazy activity whether it’s paragliding in Switzerland or whatever we’re always trying to send it and go for it. It means to do it without much thought,” Adam Woodward on the name Send It.

Woodward Cider Co. will be open weekends and holidays throughout the summer. To take home their refreshing cider to enjoy with friends and family visit the Cidery at 5505 Westsyde Road or check select Kamloops locations.