WolfPack men’s volleyball coach full of praise for Tim Dobbert

Pat Hennelly full of praise for Dobbert after his All-Canadian selection becoming KSCU Athlete of the Year

The men’s TRU volleyball program is among the university’s best. It is a program that has produced consistent results and quality players.

The program is very welcoming to international students, international students who usually contribute greatly to the overall success of the team.

Tim Dobbert is a perfect example of that, and his three years here at TRU showed consistency and growth throughout.

Recently he was named in the All-Canadian team, he is considered one of the top players in the country; no small feat.

He was also named a candidate for the Kamloops Sports Council University (KSCU) Athlete of the Year.

Dobbert has been coached by Pat Hennelly at TRU, a man who has seen three players before this named as All-Canadians; Dobbert being the fourth.

Hennelly has been very effusive when discussing Dobbert’s achievements and his abilities.

He expressed the fact that the three previous players to have been named in the all-Canadian team have all gone on to represent the senior national team, a massive accomplishment for the program.

Hennelly explained that the team made a concerted effort to get Dobbert a higher volume of balls, efforts which were met with great execution by the German.

Reiterating his pride at having coached a talented player like Dobbert, Hennelly stated that he is now among the top six players in the country.

Hennelly didn’t deny that the attention Dobbert is receiving benefits the program and acknowledged that it will help in the recruitment of future talent at TRU.

He also recognizes that replacing the German’s productivity will be no easy task, but he has an idea in mind.

“We are going to have guys going into their fifth year of eligibility stepping up,” he said.

Expecting the remaining players in the team to step up and provide similar production is an example of Hennelly’s strong belief in his players and the coaching at TRU.

Hennelly also stated that he will still be on the lookout for international talent, as they have always been huge contributors to the program.

A lot has been said about Dobbert and his accomplishments since moving to TRU and the praise has been well earned.

Hennelly and his coaching staff will be pleased about that but they will be hoping that someone else will be receiving that praise this time next year.