MSOC fundraising to provide opportunities to deserving students

WolfPack men’s soccer team will be hosting their annual Wild Guide to Wine and Food Fundraiser next week

On April 11 the WolfPack men’s soccer team will be hosting the Wild Guide to Wine and Food Fundraiser. The event will be hosted at the TRU Culinary Arts Centre.

This year will mark the second annual dinner, it is an event that they hope will be around for a long time to honour the legacy of the late former TRU soccer coach Errol Wild.

Errol Wild was a mentor to many members in the coaching fraternity, especially current WolfPack men’s soccer coach, John Antulov.

“Errol Wild was an integral part in my life and for TRU soccer, he was a manager and in 2007 he was my coach here at TRU,” Antulov said. “When he passed away, we wanted to do something in his honour. So we decided to start a scholarship fund.”

Antulov also explained that it was very important for him to get Wild’s family involved, his sister Carly and brother-in-law Claude, he felt that their involvement would give the fundraiser a stronger connection to Wild.

Antulov added that the fundraiser suits Wild’s character perfectly. He describes Wild as a very giving and caring person who went above and beyond for other people.

He reminisced about the way Wild would go out of his way to give cleats to players or provide finances to those who were hardworking and talented but didn’t have the resources.

Antulov has a clear vision of the kind of players he will be giving scholarships too.

“We give scholarships to players in Errol’s name that we feel will meet the standard of what Errol was like,” he said.

Antulov holds a strong belief that his players will benefit the most from this kind of event and hopes the spirit of giving and selflessness will be pressed upon them.

“We want are our players to learn about giving back and being a part of a community and a team,” he said.

The event will feature a wine tasting and dinner which begins at 6:30 p.m. and doors will open at 6 p.m. Tickets are $80.

It is always a great thing seeing a community that tries to give back and honours the legacy of those who had a profound impact, something which can be attributed to Errol Wild.

The hope will be that many young players will look at this event as a learning experience, an experience that makes them better teammates and members of society.