Recent changes usher in new era for WolfPack WBB

TRU Athletics director Curtis Atkinson confident about the future of women's basketball team

(TRU Athletics)

Curtis Atkinson was appointed WolfPack director at the start of 2018 and has overseen the program succeed in certain areas and fail in others.

When Atkinson got the job in early 2018, he promised patience. 

“I don’t think there will be quick changes, I think this is going to take some time,” he told CFJC at the time. 

Atkinson kept his word.

Unfortunately, the women’s soccer and basketball teams struggled to get results and that forced Atkinson to change the coaching staff.

The most recent change was that of Scott Reeves, Reeves had coached the women’s basketball team since the early days of the program.

“It was a really difficult decision for us,” said Atkinson. “Scott was a good coach. He has had a lot of success here, but we felt that it was the right time to make a change.”

He also stated that it was coincidental that TRU decided to make a change at the same time as the departure of assistant coach Chuck Ferguson.

Yet Atkinson was very clear about what he is looking for in his next head coach. 

“We want them to have high-performance experience as a coach,” he said.

He also emphasized the value of recruiting. 

“Recruiting connections at this level will always be important,” he said. 

Atkinson considered this to be one of the biggest factors in bringing success to the program and described it as “critical.”

“We want competitive success for all our programs, it doesn’t happen easy or every year, but we do want a sustained level of success,” he said.

Atkinson concluded by stating that he believes that the women’s basketball team is capable of being a playoff contender annually.

The TRU community will never celebrate the fact that a respected individual must move on but sometimes change is necessary for the good of a program.

The changes will bring hope for a new beginning, many would like to see that translate to better results.