KFF film review: Roma

Roma won an Oscar for best cinematography and rightfully so. The film reinvents the story delivery common to most movies. It isn’t the best. However, for the first of its kind with such a technique, it holds many memorable moments. 

Roma follows Cleo, a maid for a wealthy American family and her experience as a citizen within the time period. As said before, one of the biggest accomplishments that the film holds is the cinematography. 

From the beginning, the black and white filter holds such a distinct point of view with the scenes involved that it becomes memorizing when it touches landscapes from forest fires to long beaches. 

The issue with Roma is that it feels long, far too long for its own good. Some subplots could be cut out altogether while keeping the central theme. The film is good, though it holds such a long runtime that isn’t justified that it brings the film down in quality because of it.