A dialogue on household food insecurity comes to Kamloops

Nourish, hosted by the Kamloops Food Policy Council, will take place on March 29

Healthy, hearty food isn’t as natural to come by as it may seem. Roughly one in eight households across Canada suffers from some form of food insecurity according to a study done by the Canadian Research company PROOF.

That translates to around four million Canadians that can’t afford or don’t have access to nourishing and reliable food we need to be healthy.

In Kamloops, the community focused and operated Kamloops Food Policy Council is continuing the conversation around food insecurities in town through their upcoming event Nourish on March 29.

The all-day event happening on TRU’s campus will feature speakers local to the area that have backgrounds and experiences in such things as anti-poverty initiatives, sustainability, lived experience and horticulture.

The talks will be split into categories such as Indigenous food sovereignty, household food insecurity and poverty as a root cause of food insecurity.

On top of talks happening all throughout the day, there will also be an opportunity to speak with others and engage with the community during breakfast, lunch and networking activities.

Through interaction, it is hoped that attendees will be able to find solutions and inspiration to help solve these problems in our local Kamloops community and around the province of B.C.

One of the most significant approaches to the event and to the work that the Kamloops Food Policy Council does pertains to fixing problems upstream before the issues of food insecurity become greater, later on, affecting more British Columbians.

To find out more about Nourish and the Kamloops Food Policy Council, visit nourishkamloops.com.