Kamloops Film Festival back on the big screen

KFS teams up with podcast Drunk in a Graveyard for the festival's 23rd year

Time to load up on popcorn and movie snacks because it’s that time of year again. The annual Kamloops Film Festival is back for their 23rd year.

Here’s what to expect from this year’s two-week festival.

This year’s festival is home to an array of genres to fit any taste. Audiences are not limited to those who consider themselves movie buffs. The genres range from dramas, comedies, award winners and horror to name a few. 

The goal of the Kamloops Film Festival is to open the minds of Kamloops residents and provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for getting involved. Whether you partake in one or all of the films, the Kamloops Film Society guarantees a good time.

Operated and selected by the Kamloops Film Society, the film festival is home to films that may not get to see the big screen in Kamloops. By offering these films, both international and domestic, it offers the chance to diversify Kamloops’ film consumption.

Like a festival within a festival, Kamloops Film Society has been working this year with podcast Drunk in a Graveyard to present this year’s rendition of Darkfest, the section within the festival dedicated exclusively to the horror genre that is often left out of other festivals.

Drunk in a Graveyard, hosted by Robin Goodfellow, explores everything horror, heavy metal and bizarre during their weekly shows. While the fledgling podcast only started two years ago, they have since garnered a large social media following, as such KFS approached Drunk in a Graveyard for help in organizing this year’s Darkfest.

“We were at a screen writing event. Dusan Magdolen, who is the executive director of the Kamloops Film Society. He started talking to us about our interest in horror films and he invited us to come and try to get some hype going around Darkfest and get some of the younger faces in the crowd,” Goodfellow said.

In this year’s Darkfest, movie-goers will be treated to The House that Jack Built, a film following the 12-year killing span of highly-intelligent serial killer Jack, and Suspiria, a reimagining of Dario Argento’s 1977 film of the same name. Viewers of Suspiria will also be treated to a pre-show performance by the Caravan of Curiosities Circus and Sideshow.

“[Caravan of Curiosities] are a Vancouver circus and sideshow and the main performer is Tristan Risk, she’s a horror film actress,” Goodfellow said. “She was in American Mary and the ABCs of Death 2. She is quite common to genre. And then there is Burns the Dragon, he’s a body-modified sideshow performer. They are going to be performing to the music of Suspiria. We’ll also be debuting Tristan Risk’s short film Parlour Tricks.”

The 2019 film festival will also include award-winning films such as Roma, directed and written by Alfonso Cuaron.

As well as full-length motion pictures, the Kamloops Film Society will also be presenting their annual short film festival, KISS (Kamloops Independent Short Short Film Festival). Each film is no longer than five minutes and is produced within the TNRD. Winners from last year’s KISS Festival will have their works featured before full-length films during the festival.

If you’re planning on checking out the entirety of the festival or simply popping in for one or two shows, TRU students can purchase tickets at a discounted rate. Thanks to TRUSU, every TRU student is a member of the Kamloops Film Society and will receive single film tickets for $5.