Apex Legends and the future of battle royale

Is the newest major battle royale game set to break the mould?

Apex Legends was recently released for most platforms (except switch because Nintendo can’t play nice) and many are calling it the most dominant battle royale out there, although it didn’t take a lot to be. Apex is the type of game that takes all the previous popular renditions of the battle royale formula and blends them all with a dash of Overwatch and somehow works exceptionally well.

The focus of Apex Legends is to pick from a variety of “legends” (character classes) and play alongside two other players in order to be the last team alive. While all this is happening, there is a storm that continuously shrinks the map, pushing groups towards combat.

The concept of Apex was basically to take the team focus from PUBG, the cartoonish nature of Fortnite, the first person gameplay/gun mechanics from Black Ops 4 and use the hero system of Overwatch to complete their potluck of a game. And it honestly works.

The gameplay is the fastest-paced game of its genre with games lasting 10-25 minutes at most, yet keeps an intense atmosphere along with it. The gameplay mechanics are very beginner friendly, however, become somewhat complex after playing 2-3 games. It never becomes too complex, but for the first hours, there will need to be an adaptive period for players.

The genre has taken on wildly different appearance since it’s origins, which came from a Minecraft mod-server called Hunger Games. Since then, the big name in the genre that has been PUBG, which took a more serious approach yet had the public pay for it. This was then topped by Fortnight: Battle Royale which was released for free.

What separates Apex from the rest of its competitors are two things, its revival system (which leaves for better matches) and its hero abilities. The revival system gives players better odds at playing compared to others that just leave the player staring at a loading screen half the time. While the “ultimates” (special abilities) have a very unique nature that can often be fun to either initiate or avoid.

Yet predecessors will soon follow, and the next battle royale will likely top Apex Legends but it will need to have a major focus on its servers while keeping a good pace of gameplay to be considered a real success.