House of Dolls rents out pleasure

Kamloops business first in country to offer sex doll rentals

Aika is one of the seven lovely ladies from the House of Dolls that can be yours for the night. Standard rate is $250 a night plus damage deposit. (Submitted)

During the midst of this particularly cold February with temperatures commonly dipping below -10 C, Valentine’s day can offer a romantic escape from the soul-crushing coldness that we’re experiencing right now. I’m sure in previous years having a significant other or partner was a prerequisite to enjoy the holiday, but with new advances in the field of silicone technology, everyone can celebrate intimacy. (While supplies last!)   

House of Dolls first opened their proverbial doors in December and have since seen a steadily increasing clientele base. The business model is simple enough, they discreetly deliver sex dolls to people seeking carnal company. Other brothel style businesses briefly popped up in larger urban centres such as Vancouver but quickly went under. House of Dolls has the boasting ability to be able to say they are the first legal Canadian sex doll rental agency.

“We have a lot of interest, a lot. A lot of people, couples and individuals and people travelling from the United States, coming up and passing through staying in a hotel just to have the experience and then flying home the next day,” owner of the business, Kristen Dickson, told The Omega. “When it hit the news first it crashed my website twice. It well exceeded the bandwidth for the website. We doubled it and it crashed again and then we doubled it again.”

Bookings can be made online for a home delivery or a discreet drop off at a hotel in the city. There are a total of seven different models to choose from with the standard going rate being $249 plus an additional $500 damage deposit.

Naturally, the first instinct to spring into many people’s minds is the cleanliness aspect.

“Some people are still trying to get used to the sex doll idea and then they think it’s gross because it’s used. People say, “Ew it’s like a used condom,” well so is a female in a brothel,” Dickson said about the comparison between her dolls and other pay-for-sex businesses. “With a brothel, you go in, have your fun and then leave and someone else comes in right after, so I’d have to say the sex doll is definitely a cleaner choice.”

While that very well may be the case, there is still the question of how the dolls are cleaned post-coital embrace.

“I use antimicrobial soap and I clean the dolls head-to-toe and get right inside,” Dickson said. “I have like a shower head kind of enema thing, it’s an attachment you can purchase. It’s actually meant for cleaning people so it’s high quality, high-grade stainless steel and then it goes inside and cleans everything out. After I scrub it down I actually get my whole hand in there, with a glove of course and clean it all up. Condoms are mandatory so they don’t come back with any jelly filling.”

It’s only natural for people to feel awkward about sexual matters and, as is the case with sex dolls, a new and foreign idea for most people accentuates that awkwardness. But there’s no indication that this type of business is on the way out anytime soon.

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