TRU displays student industry photography

Exhibit in OM highlights best practices of digital imaging for industry

Wilson says that she never expected her photo to gain as much attention as it did. (Christian Varty/The Omega)

As part of a way to showcase the diverse photography talent of TRU students the university has revealed an exhibition of different photos located in Old Main’s Art Gallery. Two arts professors, Colleen Foucault and Terryl Atkins have given students the opportunity to have their work showcased to the public. Most of the pictures were supplied by first and second year students enrolled in digital arts and design courses as well as communications classes.

Undoubtedly the piece that has garnered the most attention is Missing Daughter by Tara-Lynn Wilson.

“I knew it was going to elicit some kind of emotional response from it,” she said. “Before we showed it here my sister actually posted it on her Facebook as her cover photo and it was shared almost ten thousand times. That was within one week. It’s still going but slower than that first week.”

Wilson, a fourth-year psychology student, added that since then multiple individuals have reached out to her to tell her their stories.

“I knew it would bring out the emotions in people, I just didn’t know it was going to have that much of an impact. People were messaging me and telling me their stories and how they’re still looking for their sister or niece or anything like that.”

The photograph is a series of four pictures depicting a first nations woman (Wilson’s sister) clutching her daughter in her arms. The third pictures shows her daughter dissolving and then disappearing in the fourth picture while the mother weeps.

“It’s supposed to depict the missing and murdered Indigenous women,” Wilson said.

The picture is one of two that Wilson has in the exhibit.

“I just wanted to show the feelings and emotions women go through,” Wilson added. “A lot of our First Nations women lose or have lost their nieces, sisters, daughters and I just wanted to show that.”

While Wilson is a psychology student, it is undeniable that her photograph has had quite the reach. Wilson’s boyfriend, Melvin, who is also a photographer is the one who convinced her to leave her comfort zone and try something new.

“I loved it, Colleen is such an amazing professor. She gave me the perfect constructive criticism on any of the images I took,” Wilson said about the class. “She actually plans on having a show for just me and Melvin.”

The show concludes Thursday January 24th, so make sure to visit the gallery before it’s over.