TRU looks to hire new women’s soccer head coach

'Pack women’s soccer team will be going into the 2019 season with a new coach

Shantz served as the head coach of the women’s soccer team from 2015-2018. (Andrew Snucins/TRU Athletics)

The TRU women’s soccer program will now be looking for a new head coach after Kelly Shantz announced his resignation at the close of 2018.

Shantz was the program’s second head coach and had a 7-30-4 record in his three years in charge. Shantz had a 3-9-2 record in 2018.

His resignation will ring in a new era in the women’s soccer program, an era that WolfPack director Curtis Atkinson is awaiting with excitement and a wave of optimism.

“We are excited about the opportunity to move the program forward,” he said. “Over the three or four weeks after the season, we had discussions with Kelly and it was there he decided it was time to step down and pass the reins onto someone else to move the program forward.”

Atkinson stated that the search is in its final stages as the hiring committee is getting ready to start interviewing candidates in the coming weeks.

“We have had a lot of applicants from across the world and the depth of quality in the applicants is quite impressive,” Atkinson said. “We want someone with the background at a high-performance level, preferably with women’s high-performance sport and at the college or university level.”

Atkinson went on to explain that the school is still open to hiring candidates who don’t have university level experience.

The most important thing for him is finding an individual with an established recruiting network.

He outlined the kind of person that TRU, a young and growing program, will need.

“Whether someone has 20 or five years of experience doesn’t matter, if we think that they can bring that combination of experience and ability to motivate players together with a high level of communication, then we will be interested,” Atkinson said.

He stated that the number one goal for the program is to find someone who will have the capabilities to take the program to new heights.

Change can sometimes be a good thing as different people have different ideas, a fresh perspective can help reinvigorate a program.

TRU hiring a new head coach could help the program grow in leaps and bounds.