No skis? No problem, try ziplining this winter

Skiing no longer the only major winter attraction Whistler has to offer

If you aren’t very good on skis or a board, but still looking for a rush, ziplining may just be for you. (Superfly Ziplines)

As I stood at the top of the valley I could feel sweat dripping along my lower back, a reaction caused by equal excitement and nervousness for what was about to come. Mist was forming in the air while I breathed heavily, trying to build up courage and at the same time appreciate the dramatic yet stunning landscape before me.

What if I told you there is a way to be able to enjoy the view of snow-covered mountains and experience the same thrill as when skiing from an even higher altitude, without the hazard of misfitting boots and sore aching muscles?

Almost synonymous to the area is the pleasure of skiing and I dare to guess that if it’s not associated on the first thought, it is high up on the list of activities to do when visiting Whistler. I also dare to challenge skiing as the natural first choice of winter fun, since Whistler is offering another exhilarating experience. Something that is becoming popular and is competing for that first spot of the most exciting thing to do while there.    

Superfly Ziplines is open all-year-round and is offering a three-hour tour, including five variations of ziplines, each being longer, shorter and faster than the prior since they are designed for different effects. Make sure you discover and use all of your senses during the ride. The tours are both family friendly and deliver adrenaline for the more adventurous type.

However, if heights aren’t your thing, Whistler still offers great opportunities for skiing! (Superfly Ziplines)

My journey began at 600 ft. and was an extreme ride where amongst the constant rush you also got to feel moist snow in your face. The time was about 3:00 p.m., which meant that I would spend half of the tour in daylight and the other half in pitch-black darkness, wearing only a headlight. Gazing out on what was over a kilometre long zipline, I was thankful the tour was built with four side-by-side ziplines, allowing me to share this beautiful moment together with a friend. The fact that two people can soar the same zipline at once enhances the adventure and doubles the amount of fun. One of the ziplines even provided the opportunity to hold hands during the ride. The unique side-by-side system also offered the choice to support and lend each other courage when needed or alternatively compete with one another.   

In-between every zipline my group members and I had to walk on treetops bridges, surrounded by a massive forest, in order to get to the next platform. The view was spectacular and I felt as if I were a kid again, filled with curiosity and had landed in a mysterious Peter Pan-movie. Besides me and my seven other group members, there were two Superfly Zipline guides with us along for the road. From the moment I got on the bus towards the zipline location, until the very end of the tour, I felt taken care of. The staff put in a tremendous effort and truly added to the value of the experience, ensuring our safety and engaging the group with a dry sense of humour every step of the way. For more information and price inquiry visit