No Man’s Land Film Festival showcases women in adventure

TRU Adventure students partner with No Man’s Land Film Festival to create an empowering event

Later this month, on Jan. 24, The No Man’s Land Film Festival will be taking place in the Clock Tower theatre for all to enjoy.

Riley Clark, the coordinator of this event, has been working on the film festival since October 2018. Clark is the social media ambassador for the Adventure Studies program at TRU and was trying to find an event to showcase women in adventure when she discovered No Man’s Land Film Festival. Clark added that many films consist of all sorts of women in adventure, including photography, skiing, mermaids, an amputee swimmer and lots more.

Clark hopes that this event will inspire people and that the festival is “mainly just to have something for people to attend, [and to] get people stoked on something.”

“The event itself was cool because it supports women in the industry,” she said. “There’s not very many of us and it can be difficult to be a part of an industry when your role can be small.”

No Man’s Land Film Festival also hopes to showcase the struggles women go through and why there are fewer women in adventure, says Clark.

“Women in adventure tend to have a shorter career because of having families, being pregnant and stepping away from the lifestyle to raise a family,” she said. “These films showcase women’s lives and show how to have a family and children as well as supporting an active lifestyle.”

The No Man’s Land Film Festival is a U.S. company based out of Colorado, anyone can approach them to host the event. This film festival promotes women in adventure, sport and film from all over the world. All women from around the globe are welcome to enter their films into the festival.

Clark went on to say that the festival is not anti-men whatsoever but that the films are based around women entirely. There are some films with male directors but the films do have to be about women with women as the main character.

“It’s not like extreme feminism or anything like that,” Clark said. “It’s just showing women: strong, powerful and positive.”

The festival is compiled of 13 short films with the total time coming to approximately 1 hour and 33 minutes. The event will begin with a few opening words and then move straight into the films. There will also be popcorn available but viewers are encouraged to bring their own bowl as the club is hoping to keep the event as waste-free as possible. All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting adventure in Kamloops.

This is the first film festival Clark is hosting and she hopes to host again in the future. Clark is currently planning another film festival, the Reel Paddling Film Festival, another event TRU is sponsoring.

As for the No Man’s Land Film Festival, the doors for the event will open at 6 p.m. on Jan. 24. Tickets are $5 and are available at Cliffside Climbing Gym, the TRU Adventure Studies Office, TRU Adventure U Club booking, and from Clark herself.

“I would love for even just one person to show up,” Clark said. “One little thing in this film will hopefully inspire someone or give them a good night.”