Discover some of Toronto’s hidden secrets

Planning a trip to Toronto? These three hideaways are waiting to be found

Toronto, also known as New York North – Canada’s answer to the Big Apple, is a vibrant city with a population of  2.81 million and still growing. The options and must-see attractions are endless and although this type of accessibility is exciting it can also be daunting. Maybe this is a first-time visit and you have no idea where to start? Or you have already been to the classical hotspots multiple times and are seeking inspiration for something new to explore? Regardless of your previous history with the city, we have treats that we want to share with you. Here are three hideaways that are waiting to be found.

From the top floor of the Bisha Hotel, you can get a stunning view of Toronto’s skyline. (Cassandra Elonen/The Omega)


Address: 80 Blue Jays Way – 44th Floor (Bisha Hotel)

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Start the day with indulging in a breathtaking sky view brunch. Located at the rooftop of Bisha Hotel you will find Kost restaurant. Before entering the restaurant let yourself be dazzled by the extravagant art decor surrounding the hotel lobby, then take the elevator to the top floor. When the elevator door opens a host will stand ready to greet and guide you to your table. Be sure to ask for Patrick. He is an excellent floor manager that provides first-class service, as he gladly shares his expertise in both cuisine and fun facts about the city. Once you are seated, prepare to enjoy a delicious meal and be stunned by a magnificent view of the metropolitan skyline, including a closeup of the CN Tower.

The SPORT Gallery

Address: 15 Tank House Lane, Toronto ON M5A 3C4

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After shopping, sightseeing or whatever amusement you decide to spend your day with an afternoon break is much needed. Preferably a break that involves snacking and a hot drink. If sport is your cup of tea a visit to The SPORT Gallery, a museum and clothing store that also has a hidden indoor café. Learn about the rich sports history Toronto has to offer while buying swag and sipping a freshly brewed beverage at the same time. Since the multipurpose gallery specializes in limited editions in all their forms of art, whether it is sports photography or vintage garment, you can rely on been given a unique cultural experience at this venue.

Are you a fan of authentic Mexican food? Make sure to check out the El Catrin Destileria. (Cassandra Elonen/The Omega)

El Catrin Destileria

Address: 18 Tank House Lane, Toronto ON M5A 3C4

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Distillery District is a hip and artsy area filled with big brick industrial storages and picturesque photo opportunities. It is easy to spend a full day in this charming part of town. Once you are done admiring the beautiful Victorian architecture, bohemian pop-up stores and cool galleries, it is time for dinner. How does a Mexican food at a place awarded as the “best-for-a-first-date-restaurant” sound? El Catrin offers tasteful dishes, vegetarian and free of gluten options, all while staying true to their roots and for a reasonable price. Food is best experienced with all of your senses tempted, something El Catrin is well aware of as they deliver a spice-and-art-fused explosion. Although every plate is elegantly decorated and thought through, the sense of sight is blown away from the soulful mural paintings that cover the walls inside the restaurant.